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Introduction to Computer Science
Start programming today. You’ll learn the fundamentals of computer science while creating your own animations, graphics, and games for the web. Perfect for absolute beginners learning at school or at home.

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Teaching Intro Computer Science (PD Course)
Dive into the basics of programming and learn how to lead a successful introductory computer science class. This course covers everything from learning effective debugging methods to teaching computer science in a blended classroom. Perfect for teachers with limited or no programming experience.

5 Modules

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Supplemental Materials for Intro Course
Here are some supplemental materials for the introductory computer science course.

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Introduction to SQL
Learn the basics of SQL. How to structure information, write queries, and analyze data.

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AP Computer Science in Java
Learn the basics of object-oriented programming with a focus on problem solving and algorithm development. Take this course and prepare to ace the AP Java test.

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Review: AP Computer Science in Java
This course will help you review for the AP Computer Science Exam. It includes a full practice AP Test as well as other practice quizzes and resources.

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Web Development
Explore the basics of web development. Start by building a website with HTML and CSS, then make it interactive with JavaScript and jQuery, next learn about building dynamic web applications.

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