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The Best Way To Teach Coding in High Schools
Class in a box
Class in a Box

Everything you need to teach computer science at your school. CodeHS provides web-based curriculum, teacher tools, and professional development.

The students say the class is "fun, fun, fun" and that the class period is too short.

Ellyn Kohrs

Sea Crest School, Half Moon Bay, CA

Why Teachers Love CodeHS

Everything you need to get started teaching coding in your classroom
Step-By-Step Curriculum
Help your students develop problem-solving and logical-thinking skills with our engaging and ready-to-use web-based curriculum.
Professional Development
Learn best practices for teaching computer science in a blended classroom. Connect with a community of teachers just like you.
Great Teacher Tools and Resources
Everything you need to run your class, including rosters, progress tracking, syllabus, exercises, problem guides, lesson plans, and much more.
Amazing Support
Learning to code? Get programming help from CodeHS tutors, and unrivaled support from the CodeHS team.
CodeHS tutors are here to help when you get stuck.
Meet our tutors
Kurt Hepler
"Hey, great job on solving this program!"
Kurt Hepler
CodeHS Tutor since 2012
Anyone Can Learn
Made For Beginners
CodeHS makes it easy to get started with programming.
Individual Support
Get help from our expert CodeHS tutors when you get stuck.
Have Fun Learning
Learn to code with Karel the dog in a friendly environment.
Learn the Fundamentals
CodeHS helps you learn the basics, and the sky is the limit from there.
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AP Computer Science in Java

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The CodeHS system handles SO MUCH administrative overhead, and frees me up to provide individual help & feedback where it is needed.

Charles Olson

Mills High School, Milbrae, CA

Join an online community of computer science teachers.
Great Teacher Tools
Manage student rosters, track student progress, keep a syllabus, get detailed handouts and guides, and much more.
Customize Your Class
Make it your own class with easy tools to create problems, autograders, quizzes, and more.
Time-Saving Autograding
We make it easy to grade problems both for functionality and style, and give you hooks to add your own autograders.
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Get your students coding in under 5 minutes.

For district administrators, CodeHS is a silver bullet!

Aaron Grill

The Browning School, New York, NY

CodeHS for Administrators

We can help you bring a new computer science program to your school or district
Four Year Curriculum
We have a one year intro computer science class, and will have a four year one soon.
Professional Development Included
Great tools, support, and training for non-CS teachers looking to start teaching CS
We understand schools and districts
We've worked with schools and districts all over the world and can customize a setup that fits your needs.

This is an awesome curriculum to inspire students in programming. All my students are engaged all the time. I've been teaching computer science for 9 years now and I've never seen this much engagement before.

Ali Gulsari

Magnolia Science Academy, Reseda, CA

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