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Advanced Cybersecurity

The CodeHS Advanced Cybersecurity course is the capstone course of the cybersecurity pathway. Students will learn advanced topics in the field of cybersecurity, including advanced cryptography, networking, risk assessment, and cyber defense.

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Advanced Cryptography
In this module, you will apply advanced principles of cryptology. This includes explaining the core concepts of Public Key Infrastructure and hash functions. You will explore concepts of encrypted email, digital certificates, and private key certificates. You will also take a look at the different types of SSL certificates, the chain of trust and how a Certificate Authority (CA) works.
Project: Steganography
In this project, you will explore steganography and create your own encryption algorithm to conceal and hide a message within the pixels of an image!
Advanced Networking
In this module, you will explore and research network infrastructures and network security. You will demonstrate how to set up a virtual private network (VPN), and design and configure different types of networks. You will also take a look at firewalls and how to initiate port scans.
Project: IT Professional
In this project, you will explore cybersecurity career pathways and build skills that will be needed within these fields such as communication.
Cyber Defense
In this module, you will explore different types of network attacks and how to build up security walls to defend against them.
Project: Security Assessment Report
In this project, you will test a website for vulnerabilities and write a security assessment report based on your findings.
Project: Put it in Writing!
In this project, you will develop a training policy that informs employees on matters of network security and details the company policy on preventative measures employees should take.
Risk Management
In this module, you will demonstrate skills in conducting vulnerability scans and recognizing vulnerabilities in security systems. You will conduct a security audit and examine port scanning, packet sniffing, and proxy servers to discover exploits in a system. You will also be able to recommend security measures to mitigate the vulnerabilities.
Project: The Game of Risk
In this project, you will design and create a board game or a card game that will help players to identify randomized security vulnerabilities and their appropriate defenses.
Final Exam
This is a cumulative exam.
What's Next?
Students will explore the different pathways available to learn more about cybersecurity upon completing this course.

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