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Schools and Teachers LOVE CodeHS!

Karel coding education is awesome!! It's easy and kind to learn!



codeHS is flexible for both students and teachers, because I LOVE the problem-solving approach and puzzle/game nature of the exercises, and because students can learn at a level that is appropriate for them - whether they are a slow first-timer or speedy and already have coding experience. And it's all packaged in one place - CodeHS.

Eric Ferrante

Teacher, Cupertino High School

We are using codehs in our programming course, so far it is phenomenal. My students are very engaged and are learning a full load. We are trying out the AP Java curriculum. I am a first year programming teacher and this really has helped me understanding the scope and sequence of an accelerated curriculum.

Ivan Martinez

Teacher, Central Catholic High School

First of all, my students are absolutely loving this class. They are flying through the Karel module. Take a look. We've had two 87 min classes so far and some of my students have completed activities that I had on my syllabus for Sept. 24. It has been amazing.

Jerome Schmidt

Teacher, Brentwood High School

I used CodeHS to teach JavaScript earlier this school year with my high school intro to programming students (mostly freshman & sophomores). In short, they loved it! The software was excellent. CodeHS is age-appropriate and engaging. Students were excited to come to class everyday & would start working on their programs before the bell would ring...The instructional model was great with short videos to introduce new programming concepts followed up with programming challenges.

Kristen Fisher

Teacher, Township High School

CodeHS has been a game-changer in my Intro to Programming class for 9th graders. The students have been much more engaged and motivated since we started using CodeHS

Tom Simpson

Teacher, Heathwood Hall Episcopal School

Loved it I loved it! Fantastic! I'm in love with the program's y'all have, thanks!



My freshmen absolutely love computer programming. They rush in and get started way before the bell rings and keep going after the dismissal bell.

Bruce Supalla

Teacher, Helena Christian School

I love it, the kids love it.

Brian Smith

Teacher, North Star Academy

I love CodeHS. I think it is the best that I have found on the internet. My students love it much more than CodeAcademy. Please pass along my thanks to the developers for making a wonderful program.

Leilani Alamillo

Teacher, Newbury Park High School

WOW!!! The students LOVED Karel the Dog! Today was their first day of using the software and the curriculum. Every single student was engaged and the comments were so full of excitement. This is going to be the much needed shot in the arm that my students need, I can tell already!

Linda Brown

Teacher, Desert Hills High School

Hey, I am Wyatt Richardson, an eighth grader at delaware city schools and I love codeHS. I originally started with no history of coding and now I have completed everything in the intro to coding and AP computer science. One thing I would like to see is more in depth videos about how to import packages in the code editor from the Java database, and how to use graphics in a main/console program. That's about all I can think of, since I am no java expert, but once again I love the website and everything you guys are doing, rock on!


Student, Delware City Schools

I am really enjoying CodeHS. FYI - everyone keeps saying - why not use Khan Academy or code academy? ... And I keep telling them CodeHS has the materials to support the teacher and the class!

Ginger Raspiller

Teacher, Cape Elizabeth High School

Its AWESOME. The kids love it.

George Toothman

Teacher, Saint Thomas Choir School

The students say the class is "fun, fun, fun" and that the class period is too short.

Ellen Kohrs

Teacher, Sea Crest School

Thanks again for your excellent work in building CodeHS into the best online resource for teaching programmatic thinking and CS problem solving at the high school level. There is no resource that comes remotely close to what CodeHS provides.

Eric Ferrante

Teacher, Cupertino High School

My students love it! They are engaged, they can work at their own pace. It's awesome!

Courtney Moore

Teacher, Battle Mountain High School

This is a perfect step by step on-line tutorial. Short focused lessons. Clear videos. Good sample problems. Good auto grading. Quick responses from tutors. Excellent suggestions from tutors. Easy to use interface. Excellent progress reporting. HELP very helpful. Easy to stop and then return where left off. DOC'S helpful and easy to use. I love it when my problems turn green and I get a "Well done" response from a tutor. Easy to test and de-bug programs. So far it's free.

John Sawyer

Teacher, Lanika Elementary School

function weLoveKarel()) { challenging(); easyToUse(); thoughtProvoking(); }

Roger Crowe

Teacher, James F. Byrnes Freshman Academy

Thanks so much, Max! I LOVE working with CodeHS, and have recommended it to other educators in the district. Hopefully I will be supported in gaining some more professional development funding if I'm asked to continue to teach a course on coding.

Sarah Shirk

Teacher, Da Vinci Institute

It is AWESOME I LOVE IT. It is really interesting. I sat at my computer 3 hrs. straight and couldn't get my eyes off of it until my parents told me it was enough. . THANKS FOR MAKING CODE HS!!!


Student, Girls Teaching Girls to Code

Found out a former student who did CodeHS and then went on to programming in college tested out of his intro course.

Nick Rachevsky

Teacher, Greater Lisbon Christian Academy

I am LOVING CodeHS!!!

Charles Olson

Teacher, Mills High School

We come in and the students start working on their code. We are self paced and they start where they left off from the last class. Some students that are further along will assist others in writing or solving the code problem. It is great to see peer review and assistance. The students are teaching each other. I have set milestones to check progress, but students seem to breeze by these most of the time. I usually have to tell the students it is time to go at the end of class, because they want to stay and finish.

Mark Gasaway

Teacher, Covenant Christian Academy

It was sort of like the Animation and Graphics module was the "event horizon" for capable students to get pulled into the "black hole" of programming awesomeness.

Don Gamble

Teacher, St. Ignatius Preparatory School

My students learned so much more than coding through your wonderful program. Many of them will never write a line of code again, but they learned perseverence, precision, problem solving, cooperation and collaboration (you should have seen them analyzing and debugging each other's programs). These and many other "real world" skills, that they learned during their adventure in coding, will serve them well throughout their lives and in their chosen careers.

Eve Sarra

Teacher, Central High School

CodeHS is one of the best, no, scrap that. It IS the BEST of the computer programming websites on the internet. I would sincerely tell this to a friend to learn coding. You never know when it could come in handy.



It's going great, I'm using it right now with a grade 9 class, right now we're working our way through the Karel program which I love. I like the structure of the lessons and how it has things for early finishers and struggling students as well. The students are mostly Taiwanese with varying English abilities but they seem to be doing quite well so far.

Jon Hayhoe

Teacher, Wagor International School of Excellence

It's just the best I've run across so far!

Roger Crowe

Teacher, James F. Byrnes Freshman Academy

I will praise codeHS to the skies and tell them why its better than codecademy, udacity, udemy, cousera, or books

Joe Thompson

Teacher, Gunston High School

The web site and program have revolutionized how we are teaching computers.

Mark Gasaway

Teacher, Covenant Christian Academy

Codehs has allowed me to teach a wide variety of students how to code! They are going in all different AMAZING directions and it all began with codehs!

PK Graff

Teacher, Saint Francis High School

I just forwarded the link to one of my colleagues - an engineer and currently a math teacher at Cape. She is very interested - she brought her lowest level Algebra class into the Achievement Center (my place) and we had her class do the hour of code challenge. She was blown away by how engaged her kids were. She actually teared up she was so happy! She is very interested but hasn't done coding in years - I told her go to boot camp and with the codeHS materials - you will be ready to go! I also told her you were my online mentor and did a great job so I know the boot camp will be great.

Ginger Raspiller

Teacher, Cape Elizabeth High School

The classes are amazing!! Kids really seem to be focused and engaged in the activities.

Nick Yugo

Teacher, North Star Academy

I truly believe the site is the most interactive way to teach programming!

Seth Nilson

Teacher, Sentinel Peak High School

I can't thank the CodeHS team enough for being so patient and helpful to me when I was taking the PD course. They went above and beyond, giving me extra help and offering practical classroom tips that I plan on using when I teach the course this coming school year. The PD is well worth it!

Anne Marie Bette

Teacher, New Egypt High School

It's out of this world compared to Code School and Codecademy. Keep it up! ;)


Student, Duanesburg Central School

Not only is the tutorial age-appropriate and accessible, the things you choose to teach and how you teach them are Right with a capital R. I stand up and applaud the pedagogy. Well done!

Stephen Nucia

Software Engineer

It's a "One stop shop Program" that has all instructional features at your fingertips

Holly Alred

Teacher, Harlan County High School

Ok [my students] just asked me to stay later to do more coding. Later than the 1241 normal dismissal... My class is dying to build the helicopter game.

Joe Thompson

Teacher, Gunston High School

FYI: Our kids at Clinton Hill started using CodeHS last week and are hooked; you guys have a really great product.

Amir Ballard

Teacher, North Star Academy

Bottom line: This class is the talk of the school. Kids are all working independently without any instruction from me. They are watching the videos and learning from mistakes. Discovery learning at its best. Very, very cool!

Jerome Schmidt

Teacher, Brentwood High School

I think you've built a really great website that gives a lot of help and support, but at the same time is challenging. I've used many of the other popular websites that have beginning coding material (Khan Academy, Codecademy, Code School, etc.) and yours is by far the best. I love learning (and hopefully teaching!) on here.

Jennifer Gyles-Bedford

Teacher, West Chicago Community High School

CodeHS was so easy to work with. Assigning and grading work was a breeze; both my students and I could track their progress with the "colored dots", without any effort at all. We all loved the short videos. They were just the right size chunk of information for the students to digest at one time; anything longer and they would have tuned out. Then they were off to the example programs and the part they liked best: the hands on programming.

Eve Sarra

Teacher, Central High School

The program is comprehensive, easy to use for both teachers and kids and provides the right amount of support and feedback for learning.

Laura Broadnax

Teacher, McClure Junior High

CodeHS is the best learning platform of its kind. I've tried many sites in the last year or so and they don't come close in terms of engagement and challenge. It's the the best bar none.



The curriculum and support resources have been exceptional!

Jennifer Varrella

Teacher, Lucile Erwin Middle School

I want to thank you and all of CodeHS for providing such an awesome program (pun intended) of studies for my students. My favorite comment from one of my students was: "Wow, we REALLY learned a lot this year, and it was fun!" Another student said, "I never thought that I would be able to do something like this, but look at my works and I did it all by myself!"

Eve Sarra

Teacher, Central High School

You ALL are GREAT! The best support ever! I am telling all my friends who teach at area high schools to use CodeHS for their programming courses!

Anne Marie Bette

Teacher, New Egypt High School

I *love* CodeHS! It took me a little while how to figure out how to effectively use the FastGrade & Filter & Canned Responses, but now I have mastered it, and I'm catching up on my grading, and the students are getting much more timely feedback from me. I love how most of the feedback is automatically generated by the system. Bravo, CodeHS!!!

Charles Olson

Teacher, Mills High School