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CodeHS Microcredentials provide educators recognition for the programming skills and knowledge they’ve gained in and outside the classroom.

Why Earn CodeHS Microcredentials

Microcredentials are a way for teachers to prove learning and receive recognition for professional development milestones! CodeHS Microcredentials help improve instructional practices and validate computer science knowledge through a secure online exam that covers foundational programming concepts.

After successfully completing a CodeHS Microcredential exam, teachers will receive a certificate of completion and a digital badge to include on a portfolio, resume, and email signature.

Verify Industry-Relevant Skills

Earn a Certificate Certified by CodeHS

Add Badges to Portfolio & Email Signature

Take a Secure Exam with Randomized Questions

How It Works

Since 2012, CodeHS has helped thousands of educators all over the world teach computer science to millions of students.

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Exam Details

Format 45 Multiple Choice Questions

Delivery Method Online Timed Exam

Time 90 Minutes

Cost $15/Exam

Microcredentials Available for Teachers

It’s easy to get started. Simply purchase a CodeHS Microcredentials exam today!

Java microcredentials lavel 1 badge
Web Design microcredentials level 1 badge
Cybersecurity microcredentials level 1 badge
Python microcredentials level 1 badge
Web Development microcredentials level 1 badge
JavaScript microcredentials level 1 badge