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In-Person Professional Development

School District Professional Development Workshops

CodeHS offers in-person professional development that prepares teachers to run successful computer science classes. In our trainings, teachers will learn programming skills, effective pedagogy, and best practices for teaching computer science in a blended classroom. CodeHS is able to adapt and customize trainings to make sure we are meeting the needs of your district and the experience level of your teachers.

With our on-site training, CodeHS will visit your school or district and lead one-day or two-day workshops to provide teachers the professional development they need to start strong and maintain successful computer science classrooms throughout the year. Send us an email at for more information.

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Free In-Person PD Seminars in Summer 2019

In Summer 2018, CodeHS hosted free in-person professional development workshops around the US in the Bay Area, New York, Portland, Chicago, and Salt Lake City. CodeHS will announce the locations and dates for the 2019 workshops in the Spring.

Seminar Locations:

Summer 2019 Locations and Dates Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?

Laptop and laptop charger

When should I arrive?

Please arrive 15-30 minutes before the workshop starts to check-in.

What is going to be covered during the PD?

You can find a full agenda for the PD here Some of the highlighted topics that we will be covering are How to Teach a Blended Classroom, Learning Debugging Strategies, Differentiation and Coding, as well as an Overview of CodeHS and Exploring the Curriculum Pathway.

Do I need to have a CodeHS account

No, although having one already will make it easier for you to jump right in to the PD! You can create an account by going to If you don’t have time to create one beforehand, there will be time during the PD to set up an account.

Does it cost money to create an account on CodeHS?

No, teachers can sign up free of charge! You even have access to all of our curriculum for free so you can use right away with your students.

How much teaching experience do I need in order to participate?

This PD is designed for teachers of all levels of experience. Whether you are brand new to teaching or have been in the classroom for 20 years, this PD will provide you with teaching strategies, content, and resources that will help you refine and strengthen your teaching practice.