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Data Science

Industries of all types are hiring data scientists to analyze and highlight the hidden patterns in data! This course equips students with the essential skills of a data scientist which include data collection, cleanup, transformation, analysis, and visualization.

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Course Overview

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The Data Science Life Cycle
Students learn and apply the process of collecting or obtaining reliable raw data and structuring it into the desired format for better decision-making.
Data Science for Change
Students apply what they have learned, expand their knowledge of the data science cycle, and draw conclusions by investigating a problem and exploring how data can help solve it.
Data Science for Business
Students learn how to create a graphical representation of information and data with visual elements like charts, graphs, and maps, data visualization tools.
Data Storytelling
More information coming soon.
What's Next?
Students explore the next chapter in learning about data science and the careers that are available and growing.

Demo Programs

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Course Resources

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