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Arizona Computer Science

CodeHS's Arizona Computer Science course teaches the foundations of computer science and basic programming, with an emphasis on helping students develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Once students complete this course, they will have learned material equivalent to a semester college introductory course in computer science and be able to program in JavaScript.


Units: 10
Timeframe: Year
Contact Hours: 140

By the Numbers

Contact Hours 140
Lessons 97
Videos 88
Exercises 113
Challenges 43
Offline Handouts 176


Unit Description
Digital Citizenship and Cyber Hygiene: This module includes topics on Internet etiquette and how to stay safe on the world wide web. We will also look at the potential effects of our digital footprints, how to protect information from online risks, and the implications of cyberbullying. Finally, the module includes how to find and cite quality resources online.
Programming With Karel: In this module, students learn programming with Karel. Karel helps teach foundational skills in programming by simplifying JavaScript to four simple commands. Using these commands, students will solve increasingly difficult problems, exploring how complex programming languages can be developed from simple commands.
Karel Challenges: In this module, students take all the foundational concepts from Karel to solve some programming challenges.
Networks and the Internet: This module explores the structure and design of the internet, and how this design affects the reliability of network communication, the security of data, and personal privacy.
JavaScript and Graphics: This module introduces students to the basics of JavaScript, including variables, user input, mathematics, and basic graphics.
Graphics Challenges: In this module, students learn the basics of pair programming. Students will also take all the foundational concepts from JavaScript Graphics to solve some programming challenges.
JavaScript Control Structures: This module covers the basics of how to use control structures such as if/else statements and loops to make more advanced programs in JavaScript.
Control Structures Challenges: This module requires students to use all the foundational concepts from the Control Structures module to solve programming challenges.
Functions, Events, and Lists: This module teaches students how to write reusable code using functions and parameters.
Final Project: This module introduces students to the theory and practice of user interface design. Students learn about what makes an engaging and accessible user interface, and will employ an iterative design process including rapid prototyping and user testing to design and develop their own engaging web pages.


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Here are a few examples of teacher resources and materials to use in the Arizona Computer Science course

Format of Course

The entirely web-based curriculum is made up of a series of learning modules that cover the fundamentals of programming. Each module is made up of short video tutorials, example programs, quizzes, programming exercises, challenge problems, and unit tests. The course is designed for a year long class that meets 5 days per week, though schools implement it in a variety of ways.

Who is it for?

The Arizona Computer Science course is designed for complete beginners with no previous background in computer science. The course is highly visual, dynamic, and interactive making it engaging for new coders.


"My students love it! They are engaged, they can work at their own pace. It's awesome!"

Courtney Moore, Teacher, Battle Mountain High School

"The students say the class is "fun, fun, fun" and that the class period is too short."

Ellen Kohrs, Teacher, Sea Crest School

"CodeHS has been a game-changer in my Intro to Programming class for 9th graders. The students have been much more engaged and motivated since we started using CodeHS"

Tom Simpson, Teacher, Heathwood Hall Episcopal School

"I truly believe the site is the most interactive way to teach programming!"

Seth Nilson, Teacher, Sentinel Peak High School

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Sample Resources

Here are a few examples of teacher resources and materials to use in the Arizona Computer Science course.


Arizona Computer Science is aligned with the following standards

Standards Framework View Alignment
Arizona 6 View (47.8%)
Arizona 9-12 View (100%)