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Learn how CodeHS protects privacy for students, teachers, and schools, and read about our privacy compliance practices.

Note from the CodeHS Founders

We’ve been excited to see millions of students learning on CodeHS since we started in 2012. We know this comes with great responsibility to protect student data. We promise to take care of student data, keep it secure, give you control of your data and comply with privacy requirements for districts and states.

We hope you enjoy using CodeHS to bring computer science to your district.

CodeHS Co-Founder: Jeremy Keeshin CodeHS Co-Founder: Zach Galant

Jeremy and Zach

Our Privacy Principles

CodeHS follows industry privacy principles at every point of the product development process to ensure the safety of our students.

  • FERPA Compliance

    CodeHS practices support a school's FERPA requirements.

  • COPPA Compliance

    CodeHS is fully COPPA-compliant. Student personal information is only obtained when the school, district, and/or teacher has agreed.

  • Limited Personal Information

    CodeHS collects the minimum student personal information needed to operate the site.

  • We Don't Sell Data

    CodeHS does not sell or rent student personal information to any third party for any purpose.

  • Compliance with your State

    CodeHS is a member of the Student Data Privacy Consortium. View the state section below

You Have Control Over Your Data

You Own Your Code & Content

You own the code and content you create, and CodeHS will keep your data safe.

Data Deletion Policies

CodeHS supports automatic data deletion and deletion upon request, with ways to transfer accounts if needed.

Oversight and Control

Schools and districts can access, modify, and delete student information in compliance with data privacy laws.

Best Practices for Security

Network Security

CodeHS’s servers are in highly secure data centers that are access-controlled. All information is transmitted securely.

Infosec Governance

CodeHS enforces regular security and privacy training for employees and has strict policies around data.

Application Security

CodeHS follows secure application coding practices to ensure the safety of all student data.

Privacy in Your State

CodeHS is a member of the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) in the following states. Your district can sign Exhibit E to execute the agreement for your state.

United States


CodeHS is a member of the California Student Privacy Alliance.


CodeHS is compliant with Connecticut Student Data Privacy Laws.


CodeHS is a member of the Florida Student Privacy Alliance.


CodeHS is compliant for Illinois schools. CodeHS is also SOPPA compliant and a member of the Illinois Student Privacy Alliance.


CodeHS is a member of the Maine Student Privacy Alliance.


CodeHS is a member of the Massachusetts Student Privacy Alliance.


CodeHS is a member of the Montana Student Privacy Alliance.

New York

CodeHS is compliant with Ed Law 2-d. Download our Ed Law 2-d Compliance Guide here.

New Hampshire

CodeHS is a member of the New Hampshire Student Privacy Alliance.


CodeHS is a member of the Oregon Student Privacy Alliance.

Rhode Island

CodeHS is a member of the Rhode Island Student Privacy Alliance.


CodeHS is a member of the Texas Student Privacy Alliance.


CodeHS is a member of the Utah Student Privacy Alliance.


CodeHS is a member of the Virginia Student Privacy Alliance.


CodeHS is a member of the Vermont Student Privacy Alliance.


CodeHS is a member of the Washington Student Privacy Alliance.


CodeHS is a member of the Wisconsin Student Privacy Alliance.

Don't see your state's privacy consortium listed?

CodeHS is joining more consortiums regularly. Contact us at to learn more.

Explore our privacy and data help center to learn more.



We have privacy compliance available in Canada where data can be stored only on Canadian servers. By default if you sign up your data will be stored in the United States. Contact us today at for details.

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