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Applications of AI and Machine Learning

This course is designed to take a look at how data can be used for machine learning to create models for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Students will be using TensorFlow with Python to create neural network models.

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Course Overview

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The World of Artificial Intelligence
Students learn the basics of what Artificial Intelligence is and dig into different aspects of AI, including neural networks. Students will be introduced to concepts in this lesson and explore deeper in future lessons.
Creating an Image Recognizing AI
Students explore machine learning models using TensorFlow to create image recognition models. Along the way, students will explore how different model parameters impact model accuracy.
Using Natural Language Processing
Students explore machine learning models using TensorFlow to create Natural Language Processing (NLP) models to analyze and generate text.
Final Project
Students will use what they have learned in the course to create their own AI using a machine-learning model created in TensorFlow.

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