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Progress Tracking and Data

Easily analyze and track student data for assessments, course progress, and quiz scores.

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Comprehensive Progress Dashboards

On CodeHS Pro, teachers can view progress for an entire class or individual students. Spend less time determining where students are in a course and spend more time focusing 1:1 with students who need the most support.

Progress by Assignments

Gauge student comprehension and assignment progress on a granular level.

Progress by Lesson

View overall course progress and identify lessons that need a little extra 1:1 support.

Progress by Quizzes

Analyze student quiz scores through heat map, percentage, or raw score.

Time Tracking

View how long students spent on a specific assignment, and how many tries it took them to complete it.

Code History

Track when students run, save, or copy/paste code, and view their code at any given time.

Attendance Tracking

Track when students’ first login time each day, most recent activity, and total time spent on CodeHS.

For Districts

Use the District Administrator Dashboard to see a comprehensive overview of the total number of schools, students and classes using CodeHS. Quickly review aggregated weekly course and activity progress across your district.

Dive into the progress and data tracking tools on CodeHS.

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