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South Carolina Intermediate Computer Programming

This course is designed to expand upon fundamental programming skills in Python. Topics include intermediate program design and development techniques, security and ethics, and practical experience in programming using a modern, text-based programming language. This course is fully aligned with the South Carolina Intermediate Computer Programming CTE course.

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Programming with Python
Students build on the basics of Python and learn user input, arithmetic expressions, mouse events, and how to create graphics.
Python Control Structures
Students learn how to use booleans and logical operators with control structures to create more advanced programs in Python.
Functions and Parameters
Students build on their knowledge of functions and learn to write reusable code using functions and parameters.
Basic Data Structures
Students learn the basics of lists in Python while exploring tuples and lists. Students will explore how to create each of these data structures and the various methods to access or alter them.
Creative Development
Students learn the theory and practice of user interface design. They will create a program that will tell a story using Python graphics. This project allows students to think creatively about the applications of the concepts covered in the course, and create something of personal value.
Classes and Objects
Students learn the principles of object-oriented design. They will use classes and objects and learn how to break code down in these structures.
Exploring Data Science with Python
Students will learn and apply the process of the data science life cycle. This includes asking statistical questions, collecting or obtaining reliable raw data, analyzing the data using measures of central tendency and spread and interpreting, and summarizing the results.
Security and Ethics
Students learn about common cyber attacks, how coding and security are related, and how to cite quality resources online while following copyright laws.
Project: Harnessing Technology to Solve Problems
Students will explore the systematic selection and integration of hardware and software components that represent a powerful approach to problem-solving in today's technology-driven world. Whether it's optimizing crop yields, enhancing athletic performance, or creating intelligent home systems, the synergy between hardware and software enables us to improve efficiency and address challenges.
The 21st Century Workplace
Students learn basic safety inside the classroom and how this applies to the workplace. They also explore future career options and the skills needed to obtain these jobs.

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Demo Programs

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