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Introduction to Java (Latte)

The CodeHS Intro to Java (Latte) course is a year-long course designed to help students master the basics of Java with a focus on problem solving and algorithm development. This course is NOT designed to prepare students for the AP Java exam.


Units: 8
Timeframe: Year
Contact Hours: 160

By the Numbers

Contact Hours 160
Lessons 79
Videos 82
Exercises 111
Challenges 29
Offline Handouts 35


Unit Description
Introduction to Programming in Java with Karel the Dog: In this module, students learn the basics of java commands, control structures, and problem solving by solving puzzles with Karel.
Basic Java: In this module, students learn the basics of the Java programming language. This module covers printing, variables, types, as well as how to use the basic control structures in the Java language.
Methods: In this module, students learn how to define methods in their programs and use autograders to test if their methods are working correctly.
Classes and Object-Oriented Programming: This module teaches students the basics of Object Oriented Programming in Java, which is a powerful programming paradigm. Students will learn how objects store data and interact with each other in Java programs. Students will design and implement classes and extend classes using inheritance.
Data Structures: In this module, students learn basic data structures in Java including arrays, ArrayLists, 2 dimensional arrays and HashMaps. Data structures will be used to design larger applications.
Final Project: In this module, students take the skills they've learned throughout the course to create a final project.


Here are a few examples of teacher resources and materials to use in the Introduction to Java (Latte) course

Format of Course

The entirely web-based curriculum is made up of a series of learning modules that cover the fundamentals of programming. Each module is made up of short video tutorials, example programs, quizzes, programming exercises, challenge problems, and unit tests. The course is designed for a year long class that meets 5 days per week, though schools implement it in a variety of ways.

Who is it for?

There are no official prerequisites for the Introduction to Java (Latte) course, however we recommend that students take our Introduction to Computer Science prior to Introduction to Java (Latte). Students who have completed our Intro to CS course will be able to apply knowledge of concepts covered in the Intro course to the more advanced setting of Introduction to Java. It is also expected that students know basic English and algebra. Students should be comfortable with functions and function notation, such as f(x) = x + 2 and f(x) = g(h(x)).


Introduction to Java (Latte) is aligned with the following standards

Standards Framework View Alignment
Microsoft Technology Associate Java Certification View (66.7%)
Texas Computer Science 1 View (58.7%)
Texas Computer Science 2 View (45.8%)
Virginia Computer Science Programming View (47.6%)

Professional Development

Teaching AP® Computer Science A

Learn how to lead a successful AP® Computer Science A class with CodeHS. The Teaching AP® Computer Science A professional development course prepares teachers to teach AP® Computer Science A with a focus on the Java programming language. Teachers will practice the skills they need to teach tricky concepts, debug programs, answer questions, and lead a blended classroom.

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