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Hear from a CodeHS Teacher in Missouri


"WOW!!! The students LOVED Karel the Dog! Today was their first day of using the software and the curriculum. Every single student was engaged and the comments were so full of excitement. This is going to be the much needed shot in the arm that my students need, I can tell already!"

Linda Brown, Teacher, Desert Hills High School

"CodeHS is flexible for both students and teachers, because I LOVE the problem-solving approach and puzzle/game nature of the exercises, and because students can learn at a level that is appropriate for them - whether they are a slow first-timer or speedy and already have coding experience. And it's all packaged in one place - CodeHS."

Eric Ferrante, Teacher, Cupertino High School

"The students say the class is "fun, fun, fun" and that the class period is too short."

Ellen Kohrs, Teacher, Sea Crest School

"My students are absolutely loving this class. They are flying through the Karel module. Take a look. We've had two 87 min classes so far and some of my students have completed activities that I had on my syllabus for Sept. 24. It has been amazing."

Jerome Schmidt, Teacher, Brentwood High School

"I will praise codeHS to the skies and tell them why its better than codecademy, udacity, udemy, cousera, or books."

Joe Thompson, Teacher, Gunston High School

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Hear from a CodeHS Teacher