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Teach the exact course you want!

  • Want to use an existing CodeHS course?
  • Want to add, remove, and reorder a CodeHS course?
  • Want to create your own course from scratch?

...You can do it all with CodeHS Assignments!

CodeHS Assignments makes it easier to teach the exact course you want. You have the ability to:

  • Easily create and modify assignments
  • Differentiate assignments at a per student level
  • Choose what assignments show up in your gradebook
  • Grade with partial or extra credit and more

Set Due Dates for Assignments

Due Date settings allow teachers to assign Due Dates to any assignment on CodeHS. Due Dates can be set at the assignment, lesson, or module level. Once set, students will be able to see upcoming and overdue due dates from their student page.

Teachers can use due dates to set pacing, see late submissions, and plan their lessons. Due dates can be configured per-student as well.

Use Access Controls to configure when students receive Assignments

Control exactly which assignments students have access to. Access Controls allow teachers to determine whether content is Available, Locked, or Scheduled for a specific date and time. Want to schedule a challenge exercise or assessment in advance? Use the Scheduled status to set the exact start and end time and date for a specific assignment.

Assign CodeHS Curriculum or Create your own

The Create tool allows teachers to build their own exercises, quizzes, projects, autograders and more.