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Data Science with Sheets

In this spreadsheet-based, one-month Intro to Data Science course, students will understand how to responsibly use the Data Science Life Cycle in order to deliver meaningful and accessible information.

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What is Data Science?
Students will learn about the role of a data scientist and the iterative steps in the data science life cycle. This module serves as an introduction to the field of data science.
The Data Science Life Cycle
Students will learn and apply the process of the data science life cycle. This includes asking statistical questions, collecting or obtaining reliable raw data, analyzing the data, and summarizing the results.
Data Ethics
Students will explore ethical considerations in the field of data science. This module focuses on teaching students about data privacy and how to work with data responsibly.
Data Storytelling
In this module, Students will use and analyze data to tell a data story. For their final project, they will create a visually appealing infographic that displays important data visualizations. The infographic will also tell a story based on their interpretation after exploring, analyzing, and visualizing the data.
What's Next?
Students will explore the next chapter in learning about data science and the careers that are available and growing.

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