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South Carolina Introduction to Computer Programming

This course is designed to emphasize the fundamentals of computer programming using Python. Topics include computer software, program design and development, and practical experience in programming. This course is fully aligned with the South Carolina Introduction to Computer Programming CTE course.

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Digital Citizenship and Cyber Hygiene
Students learn about Internet etiquette and how to stay safe online. Students also look at the potential effects of our digital footprints, how to protect information from online risks, and the implications of cyberbullying. The module also includes how to find and cite quality resources online.
What is Computing?
Students will compare and contrast common operating systems (Windows, Linux, OS) and explain the importance of application security. They will investigate security options and implement user accounts to enforce authentication and authorization. Students will also demonstrate how to work with basic and advanced command prompts.
Karel in Python
Students learn the basics of programming by giving Karel the Dog commands in a grid world.
Basic Python and Console Interaction
Students learn the basics of programming by writing programs that interact with users through the keyboard.
Project: Mad Libs
Students write a program that allows users to create their own Mad Lib stories using variables and user input.
Students teach their programs to make decisions based on the information it receives.
Students learn how to write more efficient code by using loops as shortcuts.
Functions and Exceptions
Students learn how their programs can be decomposed into smaller pieces that work together to solve a problem.
Creative Development
Students learn the theory and practice of user interface design. They will create a program that will quiz users on a series of multiple-choice questions and check their answers. This project allows students to think creatively about the applications of the concepts covered in the course, and create something of personal value.
Exploring Data Science with Sheets
Students will learn about the role of a data scientist and the iterative steps in the data science life cycle. They will learn and apply the process of the data science life cycle. This includes asking statistical questions, collecting or obtaining reliable data, analyzing the data, and summarizing the results.
The 21st Century Workplace
Students learn basic safety inside the classroom and how this applies to the workplace. They also explore future career options and the skills needed to obtain these jobs.

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Demo Programs

Explore programs that your students will build throughout this course!


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