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Web-Based IDE Built for Education

Write, run, and debug code in 10+ languages right in your browser - no account or downloads needed. It's free and even works on Chromebooks!

Supports 10+ Programming Languages, and Counting...

Use the CodeHS IDE to run the top programming languages, along with graphical and console programs, music, games, and more.

Text and Block-Based Programming

Toggle between block-based and text programming to help transition beginner level coders and focus on programming concepts, rather than syntax.

Real-Time Collaboration

Use the CodeHS IDE to code anywhere together! Invite others to collaborate on a shared Sandbox program in seconds.

Built-In Advanced Autograders

Receive instant feedback on programs with built-in test cases. You can use CodeHS pre-written tests or create your own!

Classroom Communication &
Sharing Tools

Ask questions, send feedback, review code history, and seamlessly share programs created in the CodeHS IDE.

Other CodeHS IDE Essentials

CodeHS Pro has a suite of teacher tools to run a virtual or blended class.


Walk through programs line-by-line to find bugs in your code.

Sharing & Embedding

Share programs and generate code to embed on other sites.


Don't lose your code - all programs are automatically saved in the cloud.

Documentation Tab

Easily reference syntax rules, because every language needs a dictionary.

Export & Download

Any code you write on CodeHS is compatible with many other IDEs.

Compliant for Schools

CodeHS IDE is compliant with school and district privacy and data requirements.

Start coding in seconds for free!

Run over 10 programming languages in the CodeHS IDE including JavaScript, Python, Java, HTML, C++, SQL, and more!

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