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1. Intro to Game Design
1.1 Intro to Game Design
Video 1.1.1 Welcome
Free Response 1.1.2 Mindset Check
Video 1.1.3 What is Game Design?
Quiz 1.1.4 Game Design Overview
Free Response 1.1.5 Reflecting on Game Design
1.2 History of Video Games
Notes 1.2.1 History of Games
Connection 1.2.2 Brief History of Video Games
Free Response 1.2.3 Early Years of Video Games
Connection 1.2.4 Revitalizing an Industry
Connection 1.2.5 Battle of the Consoles
Free Response 1.2.6 History of Games Reflection
2. Exploring the Industry
2.1 Careers in Game Design
Connection 2.1.1 Day in the Life
Free Response 2.1.2 Reflection: Day in the Life
Connection 2.1.3 Shadow a Game Designer
Free Response 2.1.4 Reflection: Shadow a Game Designer
2.2 Scavenger Hunt: Careers in Game Design
Connection 2.2.1 Scavenger Hunt: Careers in Game Design
Free Response 2.2.2 Scavenger Hunt: Careers in Game Design Responses
Free Response 2.2.3 Reflection: Careers in Game Design
2.3 Game Industry Insights
Connection 2.3.1 How to Get Into the Games Industry
Connection 2.3.2 Game Studios
Exercise 2.3.3 Game Studio Presentation
3. Unity Fundamentals
3.1 Intro to Unity
Video 3.1.1 Intro to Unity
Quiz 3.1.2 Quiz: Intro to Unity
Connection 3.1.3 Unity Sizzle Reel
Connection 3.1.4 Mobile Games in Unity
Free Response 3.1.5 Intro to Unity Reflection
3.2 Unity Setup
Connection 3.2.1 Creating an Account
Notes 3.2.2 Installing Unity Hub and Unity
Free Response 3.2.3 Setup Review
3.3 Course Management
Notes 3.3.1 Navigating CodeHS and Unity
Connection 3.3.2 Unity Docs
Notes 3.3.3 Sharing Unity Projects: 3 Options
Notes 3.3.4 Unity Collaborate: Setup
Video 3.3.5 Unity Collaborate: Sharing a Project
Notes 3.3.6 Unity Plastic SCM: Account Setup
Connection 3.3.7 Unity Plastic SCM: Add Your Teacher to a Project
Connection 3.3.8 Unity Plastic SCM: Share with Checkin Changes
Notes 3.3.9 Zipped Folder: Sharing a Unity Project
Free Response 3.3.10 Your Turn: Sharing Practice
Quiz 3.3.11 Course Management Quiz
3.4 Unity Basics
Video 3.4.1 Navigating Unity's Interface
Video 3.4.2 Example: 3D Objects and Scene Navigation
Free Response 3.4.3 Make a Pyramid
Video 3.4.4 Example: Adding Material to a GameObject
Free Response 3.4.5 Color Your Pyramid
Video 3.4.6 Example: Transforming GameObjects
Free Response 3.4.7 Transform Your Pyramid
3.5 Using Prefab Objects
Video 3.5.1 Using Prefab Objects
Notes 3.5.2 Downloading the Tutorials
Free Response 3.5.3 Tutorial 1: Using a Prefab Scene
Free Response 3.5.4 Tutorial 2: Create Your Own Scene
Free Response 3.5.5 Tutorial 3: Added Elements From the Asset Store
Free Response 3.5.6 Make Your Own Car Game
3.6 Getting Started with AI
Video 3.6.1 Getting Started with AI
Notes 3.6.2 Downloading the Tutorials
Free Response 3.6.3 Tutorial 1: AI GameObjects and Waypoints
Free Response 3.6.4 Tutorial 2: Changing Waypoints and AI Targets
3.7 Third Person Game Mechanics
Video 3.7.1 Third Person Game Mechanics
Notes 3.7.2 Downloading the Tutorials
Free Response 3.7.3 Tutorial 1: Meet Ethan
Free Response 3.7.4 Tutorial 2: Meet Ellen
Free Response 3.7.5 Tutorial 3: Object Collection Mechanics
Free Response 3.7.6 Make It Your Own Challenge
3.8 Building a Scene with Prefabs
Video 3.8.1 Scene Design with Prefabs
Video 3.8.2 Changing Prefab Properties
Notes 3.8.3 Downloading the Prefab Project
Free Response 3.8.4 Getting Started with Prefabs
Free Response 3.8.5 Plan Your Scene
Notes 3.8.6 Build Your Scene
Free Response 3.8.7 Scene Reflections
4. Legal and Ethical Consideration
4.1 Copyright Rules
Video 4.1.1 Creative Credit and Copyright
Check for Understanding 4.1.2 Creative Credit and Copyright
Connection 4.1.3 Copyright Laws and Video Game Design
Free Response 4.1.4 Reflection: Copyright Laws and Video Game Design
Connection 4.1.5 Case Study: Atari v. North American Phillips
Free Response 4.1.6 Reflection: Atari v. North American Phillips
4.2 Ethical Considerations
Notes 4.2.1 Overview
Free Response 4.2.2 The Role of Governing Bodies
Connection 4.2.3 The Role of Developers
Exercise 4.2.4 The Role of Developers: One Pager
4.3 Security in Game Design
Connection 4.3.1 Cybersecurity in Gaming
Free Response 4.3.2 Reflection: Cybersecurity in Gaming
Connection 4.3.3 Securing Your Game: The CIA Triad
Video 4.3.4 CIA Triad
Check for Understanding 4.3.5 CIA Triad
Free Response 4.3.6 Which part of the CIA Triad?
Free Response 4.3.7 Which part of the CIA Triad?
Free Response 4.3.8 Breach of Confidentiality
Free Response 4.3.9 Breach of Availability
Free Response 4.3.10 CIA Connections
4.4 Representation in Technology
Notes 4.4.1 Intro to Representation in Technology
Free Response 4.4.2 Underrepresented Groups in Computer Science
Connection 4.4.3 Impact of Women In Tech
Free Response 4.4.4 Reflection: Impact of Women in Tech
Connection 4.4.5 Impact on Game Design
Free Response 4.4.6 Reflection: Impact on Game Design
5. Project: Your First Game
5.1 What Makes a Good Game?
Video 5.1.1 What Makes a Good Game?
Free Response 5.1.2 Elements of a Game #1
Free Response 5.1.3 Elements of a Game #2
Free Response 5.1.4 Fundamentals of Game Design
5.2 Planning Your Game
Notes 5.2.1 Guidelines
Connection 5.2.2 Keep It Simple
Free Response 5.2.3 Brainstorm
Free Response 5.2.4 Choose Two
Free Response 5.2.5 The 4 Game Elements
Free Response 5.2.6 Get Feedback
Free Response 5.2.7 Choose One and Plan
Free Response 5.2.8 Break it Into Pieces
5.3 Making Your Game
Notes 5.3.1 Project Requirements and Setup
Free Response 5.3.2 Prototype the Environment
Free Response 5.3.3 Prototype the Player
Free Response 5.3.4 Prototype the Gameplay
Free Response 5.3.5 User Testing and Feedback
Free Response 5.3.6 Final Development
Free Response 5.3.7 Reflection
5.4 Publishing and Presenting Your Game
Notes 5.4.1 Publish Your Game Online
Free Response 5.4.2 Your Game Link
Free Response 5.4.3 Final Game Design Document
Presentation 5.4.4 Reflect and Present