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Want to help teach people all over the world how to code? At CodeHS, we’re making it possible for students all over the world to learn skills for the jobs of the future and have fun in the process.

If you have some experience coding or if you’re eager to learn, we’d love to teach you more.

CodeHS is a distributed company based in San Francisco, but we have employees all over the country in Salt Lake City, Portland, Miami, Ann Arbor, and Chicago. We believe great people are all over.

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Working at CodeHS

We are a team of people passionate about education. We are focused on providing an excellent learning experience to all of the students and teachers on CodeHS and continuing to grow individually at the company. One of our core company values is Teaching and Learning. Everyone at the company gets an opportunity to learn to code through our weekly coding class and monthly hackathons.

We like to work smart to make sure we can make a big impact with a small team.

It's important to us to be very connected to our teachers and students. Everyone on the team gets opportunities to visit classrooms throughout the year to see our product in action. We have done two cross country road trips and visited hundreds of classrooms all of the country.

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