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CodeHS North Carolina Computer Science Education Guide

In the 21st century, coding is a foundational skill, just like reading and writing. Everyone should get the chance to learn how to code—it's a skill that provides limitless creative opportunities to students and future generations.

With great curriculum, resources, and support, school districts across the country can implement high-quality computer science programs. At CodeHS, our goal is to make computer science education fun and accessible to all!

Did You Know

  • North Carolina requires computer science in schools
  • North Carolina has K-12 Computer Science Standards
  • CodeHS Curriculum is Free

CodeHS Computer Science Standards & Framework Alignments

The main courses offered in the CodeHS 6-12 pathway are aligned to North Carolina’s Computer Science Standards.

CodeHS’ Impact in North Carolina

High Point Christian Academy - High Point, North Carolina
With more than 20 years of professional computer science experience, Paige Daniels decided to switch gears and share her passion for computer science with younger generations - empowering them to impact the future!
Full Story

I have been using CodeHS for 4 years and love the curriculum! - Paige Daniels, Teacher at High Point Chrisitan Academy in North Carolina

K-12 Computer Science in North Carolina

In 2018, the North Carolina Department of Education started developing K-12 computer science standards. More information coming soon.

Source: North Carolina Department of Education

North Carolina Computer Science Stats

  • 4,525 students in North Carolina took the Advanced Placement Computer Science exams in 2019 (1,387 AP CS A, 3,138 AP CSP); only 28% of exams were taken by females
  • Computer programmers and software developers in North Carolina have an average annual salary of $101,203, which is more than double the average state salary at $47,200
Sources: The College Board, Department of Education, Bureau of Labor Statistics

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