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CodeHS offers a comprehensive set of teacher tools, resources and support platform to help schools and districts offer great computer science programs. With CodeHS, teachers can access all of the tools they need, all in one place, saving them time and helping them focus on their students in the classroom.

Here you'll find more information on the extensive suite of teacher tools available. These tools provide teachers the ability to:

  • Track student progress data to provide individualized, 1-on-1 support with Progress Tracking
  • Grade exactly how you want and save hundreds of hours over the course of the school year with Magic Grading
  • Access all of the resources you need to teach your lessons, all in one place with Lesson Plans
  • Cover key concepts away from the computer with extensive Offline Handouts
  • Find key background information on every CodeHS exercise in the Problem Guides
  • Build your own problems, assessments, autograders and more with Create
  • Translate student progress into letter grades with our Customizable Gradebook
  • Control student course pacing through Access Controls
  • Make sure students are on track by setting assignment Due Dates
  • Choose from thousands of custom activities made by teachers around the world in the Problem Bank
  • Use entire playlists created by fellow computer science teachers in the Playlist Bank
  • Know exactly how students are performing on formative and summative assessments through Quiz Scores
  • Import your students rosters from platforms like Google Classroom and Clever using our Rostering Tools & Integrations
  • Teach students to code their own Mobile Apps in JavaScript

These tools and so many more are available for teachers to use on CodeHS!

Read on for more information on each tool, or get in touch at to schedule time to speak with a CodeHS team member about using these tools in your classroom today.