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Digital Lesson Plans

All the resources to plan your lesson. In one place.

CodeHS provides a comprehensive, centralized set of classroom materials and resources that teachers need to effectively and efficiently lead a great computer science class. With all of the resources already prepared, teachers can easily print or modify these lesson plans to fit the needs of their students.

Lesson Activities

The lesson activities lists the videos, quizzes, examples and exercises students will be working through in a given lesson. Great for brushing up on a lesson and revisiting the activities.

Problem Guides

The problem guides contain a detailed breakdown of each programming exercise contained in the CodeHS modules. Included in these guides are motivations behind the exercise, sample solutions, and common student questions and errors.

Exercise Handouts

The exercise handouts outline collaborative classroom activities that teachers can lead to reinforce concepts and principles learned throughout the curriculum. Each comes with a student version and a teacher version that helps teachers prepare.


A list of vocabulary and key terms are provided to help break down the programming concepts that students will learn in a given lesson.

Within a Lesson Plan, teachers can also find the Objective for that lesson, Teaching and Learning Strategies, Discussion Questions, and Modification suggestions for their students.

Teachers can find Lesson Plans from the Resources menu on the left side of their Teacher page or from the Toolbox at the top of any page.