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CodeHS for Homeschools

CodeHS is great to use for independent learners such as homeschoolers. CodeHS provides full year long curriculum that can be taken as a homeschool student from introductory level courses to AP-level courses. Find the courses available for purchase for home schoolers below.

When you sign up as a homeschool student, you'll get access to the course that you purchase as well as grading help and question help from our community of computer science tutors.

Homeschools do not have access to our normal teacher tools and tracking.

Debugging, Coding Help, Grading, and Tutors

One great thing about taking a CodeHS course as a homeschooler is that you get help from our network of college computer science tutors. Any time you submit an exercise, you’ll get instant feedback from our system, and our tutors will grade the problem for you and provide additional feedback. If you get stuck, you can ask our tutors a question and receive a fast response. Tutors will help with debugging, and are an essential part of the homeschool online learning experience.

Our tutors are college computer science students who are highly vetted through our tutoring and training process.

Courses Available for Purchase for Homeschoolers

Courses include Intro to Computer Science in JavaScript, Intro to Computer Science in Python, AP Computer Science Principles, and more.

Intro to Computer Science in JavaScript. The CodeHS introduction to computer science curriculum teaches the foundations of computer science and basic programming in JavaScript, with an emphasis on helping students develop logical thinking and problem solving skills.
Intro to Computer Science in Python. The CodeHS introduction to Python course teaches the fundamentals of computer programming as well as some advanced features of the Python language. Students use what they learn in this course to build simple console-based games.
AP Computer Science Principles AP Computer Science Principles is the newest AP® course from the College Board. This course introduces students to the foundational concepts of computer science and explores the impact computing and technology have on our society. Students learn about the internet, digitial information, programming, data, and apply these concepts through creative projects, while building their portfolio.
AP Computer Science in Java The CodeHS AP Java course is a year-long course designed to help students master the basics of Java and equip them to successfully pass the College Board AP Computer Science A Exam at the end of the school year.
Computing Ideas Computing Ideas is a course that explores a sample of ideas in computing. Students learn about the internet, digitial information, and programming. Students apply these concepts to make a website, programs, and digital artifacts. It's a great first course to expose students to what computing can do.
Web Design The CodeHS Web Design course is a project-based course that teaches students how to build their own web pages. Students will learn the languages HTML and CSS, and will create their own live homepages to serve as portfolios of their creations. By the end of this course, students will be able to explain how web pages are developed and viewed on the Internet, analyze and fix errors in existing websites, and create their very own multipage websites.
Introduction to SQL Learn the basics of SQL. How to structure information, write queries, and analyze data. Understanding your data is the key to understanding your users. If you learn SQL, you will be able to find the answers to the most important questions at your business. This course teaches you the fundamentals of SQL so you understand how data is stored and how to search for, or query, the information. You don't need any experience coding to learn, but even if you have tried out SQL before, this course will give you the confidence you need to use SQL at your job.