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Bring CodeHS to Your School

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This is our plan for classrooms just getting started.

Free includes:

These awesome features:

  • Access to Full 6-12 Course Pathway
  • Create Classes and Manage Student Enrollment
  • Easily See your Students' Code
  • Limited Teacher Resources
  • Create 2 Public Playlists
  • Access to the Problem Bank


This is our plan for single school sites.

Pro includes:

Everything in Free, and:

  • Comprehensive Student Progress Tracking Tools
  • Detailed Lesson Plans for Every Lesson
  • Problem Guides for Every Programming Exercise
  • Save Hundreds of Hours with Magic Grading
  • Offline Classroom Handouts and Activities
  • Customizable Gradebook
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Multiple Choice and Project Based Asssessments
  • Award Custom Badges to Students
  • Create Unlimited Problems and Playlists
  • Customize your own Courses with Create
  • Control Student Pacing with Access Controls
  • Set Assignment Due Dates
  • Assessment Reports
  • Export Student Data to Your SIS (.XLS or .CSV)
  • Teach Exactly the Right Course with Course Flavors
  • Cheat Detection Suite


This is our plan for multiple schools, districts or networks.

Super includes:

Everything in Pro, and:

  • Administrator Data Dashboards and Insights
  • Track Activity, Usage, and Progress Data Across Classrooms, Teachers, and Schools
  • District Implementation Support
  • Manage Teacher Professional Development
  • Private Discussion Forum for District Teachers

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