Bring CodeHS to Your School


This is our plan for classrooms just getting started.

Free includes:

These awesome features:

  • Access to our Curriculum Including Intro and AP courses
  • Easily See your Students' Code
  • Limited Teacher Resources
  • Up to 3 Sections per Organization
  • Create 2 Public Playlists


This is our plan for single school sites.

Pro includes:

Everything in Free, and:

  • Comprehensive Student Progress Tracking Tools
  • Save Hundreds of Hours with Magic Grading
  • Automatic Gradebook
  • Summative Assessments
  • Award Custom Badges to Students
  • Next Generation Digital Lesson Plans
  • Create Unlimited Problems and Playlists
  • Create Private Playlists
  • Create your own Custom Courses with Course Builder
  • Access Controls
  • Due Dates
  • Quiz Reporting Tracking
  • Solution Guides for all Exercises
  • Problem Guides, Lesson Plans, Handouts, and more Teacher Resources
  • Priority Teacher Support
  • View Student Code History for Every Program


This is our plan for multiple schools, districts or networks.

Super includes:

Everything in Pro, and:

  • Administrator Data Dashboards and Insights
  • Track Activity, Usage, and Progress Data Across Classrooms, Teachers, and Schools
  • Data Export Tools
  • Custom Course Builder Support
  • District Implementation Support


Build a best-in-class computer science program.

Ultra includes:

Everything in Super, and:

  • Computer Science Pathway Development Support
  • Customize CodeHS Courses
  • Access to Special Content

Interested in learning more about our plans? Get in touch.