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Intro to Programming in JavaScript with Arduino


Unit Description
Programming With Karel: Students learn the basics of programming by giving Karel the Dog commands in a grid world.
Karel Challenges: Students apply all the foundational concepts from Intro to Karel to solve new challenges.
JavaScript and Graphics: Students learn the basics of JavaScript including variables, user input, mathematics, and basic graphics.
Graphics Challenges: Students learn how to pair program while tackling more challenging tasks with JavaScript graphics.
Intro to Arduino: Students go through the basics of the Arduino device, such as how to light up and change the brightness of LEDs, and learn how variables can be used to write more versatile programs. Students build circuits to control LEDs and motors with the Arduino and explore how pseudocode can be used to structure programs from the start.
JavaScript Control Structures: Students learn how to use control structures such as if/else statements and loops to make advanced programs in JavaScript.
Control Structures Challenges: Students apply the foundational concepts from the Control Structures unit to solve new challenges.
Functions and Parameters: Students learn to write reusable code with functions and parameters.
Functions Challenges: Students use what they have learned in the Functions unit to solve challenges.
Program Control with Arduino: Students learn how to apply control structures, such as if/else statements and loops to create programs that will react to the outside world. They build programs that use sensors to detect temperature, light, and distance and make decisions based on the information collected.
Animation and Games: Students learn how to make objects move around the screen and let users interact using the mouse!
Animation Challenges: Students apply all the foundational concepts from the Animations unit to solve new challenges.
Project: Breakout: Students learn how to make their own Breakout game from scratch using JavaScript.
Advanced Arduino: Students have a chance to explore all of the capabilities of the Arduino on their own! They research, explore, and teach their peers about new sensors, follow directions to build an advanced device, and have a chance to create their very own Arduino machine.
Final Project: Students apply all the skills they've learned throughout the course to create a final program with a partner!
Final Exam: Students prove their knowledge of all concepts learned throughout the coruse in a final exam.

Unit Description
Extra Karel Practice: It can take some time to learn all of Karel's tricks. Brush up here with some extra Karel practice problems. These reinforce all of the fundamental concepts introduced in Karel, including commands, functions, loops, conditions control structures, and problem decomposition.
Extra Karel Puzzles: A set of all the trickiest Karel puzzles for you to solve
Functions and Parameters Practice: Functions are the critical building block of any program. To be able to use functions, you want to make sure you fully understand parameters, return values, and how to create your own functions. That is what this practice module is for.
Project: Tic Tac Toe: Did you know that Tic Tac Toe may have been played in Ancient Egypt? Now, you get to make your own game of tic tac toe on the computer! In this module, you will take what you have learned about data structures and make a two player tic tac toe game.
Project: Helicopter Game: You now have the tools to make amazing games. This module walks you through the creation of the classic Helicopter game one step at a time.