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Introduction to Game Design with p5play


Unit Description
Intro to Game Design: Students reflect on their game-playing experience and learn more about major video game topics and categories.
Programming in JavaScript: Students learn the basics of JavaScript including variables, user input, mathematics, and functions.
Getting to Know p5play: Students learn about the JavaScript library p5play and how to use it to create the basic structure of an animated or interactive program.
Project: Mini Golf: Students incrementally develop a mini golf game, learning more about the p5play library and important computer science topics like booleans and if/else statements.
Project: Projectiles: Students incrementally develop a projectiles game, learning about new p5play library topics of Groups and Tiles, while improving their fundamental program development skills.
Project: Jumper: Students incrementally develop a platform jumper game, learning how to animate game components with sprite sheets, while improving their fundamental program development skills.