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Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

In this course, students will be exposed to the inner workings of computer hardware and software, explore the intricacies of how networks connect, and dive into the world of encryption and cryptography. They will also learn the importance of safeguarding our increasingly digital world from unauthorized access, ensuring the privacy and integrity of data.

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Cybersecurity and You
Students delve into key areas such as personal data collection, the reliability of online information, cyber ethics and laws, personal data security, cybersecurity essentials, and strategies to combat common cyber threats and their prevention, equipping individuals with the knowledge to navigate the digital landscape responsibly and securely.
Students dive into the history of cryptography systems, the motivation behind using encryption systems, and modern cryptography systems. This includes explaining the core concepts of Public Key Infrastructure and hash functions. Students will also explore the importance of digital certificates, and authentication methods.
Project: Create an Escape Room
Students create an escape room using what they have learned about ciphers and cryptography.
System Administration
Students compare and contrast common operating systems (Windows, Linux, OS) and explain the importance of application security. They will investigate security options and implement user accounts to enforce authentication and authorization. Students will also demonstrate how to work with basic and advanced command prompts.
IT Concepts
Students explore the structure and design of the internet and networks, and how this design affects the reliability of network communication, the security of data, and personal privacy. Students will learn how the Internet connects computers all over the world by use of networking protocols.
IT Infrastructure
Students learn about the physical elements of computers and networking such as motherboards, RAM, routers, and the use of port numbers, ethernet, and wireless devices.
Project: IT Professional
Students explore cybersecurity career pathways and build skills that will be needed within these fields such as communication. In this project, students will explore the troubleshooting methodology and utilize it to solve sample IT support issues.
Data Security
Students learn about the benefits and dangers of collecting and storing large sets of data. They will learn how to prevent attacks such as SQLi and XSS using programming controls. Students will also learn about risk management and how to identify, assess, prioritize, and minimize risks.
Project: The Game of Risk
Students design and create a board game or a card game that will help players to identify randomized security vulnerabilities and their appropriate defenses.
What's Next?
Students explore the different pathways available to learn more about cybersecurity upon completing this course.

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Teaching Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

The CodeHS Cybersecurity course prepares students with crucial skills to be responsible citizens in a digital future and protect themselves from the growing threat of cyber attacks. With the CodeHS online Professional Development course, we'll train teachers at your school to teach an excellent Cybersecurity course. No programming experience is required. Teachers will gain the skills, pedagogical knowledge, resources, and confidence to lead a great cybersecurity class with CodeHS.

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