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Intro to Computer Science in Python 2 (Rainforest)


Unit Description
Welcome: Students will get a sense of what this course is about and reflect on what they hope to get out of it.
Introduction to Programming with Turtle Graphics: Students will learn Python commands, functions, and control structures by drawing shapes on their screen and solving puzzles with Turtle Graphics!
Basic Python and Console Interaction: Students will learn the basics of programming by writing programs that interact with users through the keyboard!
Conditionals: Students will teach their programs to make decisions based on the information it receives.
Looping: Students will learn how to write more efficient code by using loops as shortcuts.
Functions and Exceptions: Students learn how their programs can be decomposed into smaller pieces that work together to solve a problem.
Strings: Students use more sophisticated strategies for manipulating text in their programs - slicing, concatenating, and formatting.
Creating and Altering Data Structures: Students learn how tuples and lists are formed and the various methods that can alter them.
Extending Data Structures: Students learn to build more complex programs that make use of grids and dictionaries.
Project: Guess the Word: Students use the skills they've learned throughout the course to build a word guessing game.
Final Exam: Students prove their knowledge of content learned throughout the course through a multiple choice, short answer, and programming exam.

Unit Description
Classes and Objects: Learn the principles of object-oriented design.
Advanced Tracy Challenges:
Midterm: Students will prove their knowledge of the concepts covered in the first half of the course (Turtle Graphics, Basic Python, & Conditionals) through a midterm exam.
Additional Topics: Teach your program to make decisions based on the information it receives. Learn how to decompose your program into smaller pieces that work together to solve a problem!
Project: Mastermind:
Categorizing Triangles: Explore how we can use a computer to perform calculations and make decisions based on user input! You will use Turtle Graphics in Python to draw a triangle and write text to the screen and then use if/else statements, variables, functions, and mathematical, logical, and comparison operators to print the resulting triangle category.
Python Graphics: