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North Carolina Computer Science I Framework


Standard Description
1.01 Describe computational innovations. U3-L1; U10-L1 Lessons
1.02 Understand input and output in computing systems. U3-L1; U3-L6; U3-L9; U4-L7 Lessons
1.03 Identify errors in algorithms or programs. U3-L7; U4-L7; U5-L7 Lessons
1.04 Design user interface. U3-L3; U7-L4 Lessons
2.01 Understand how binary numbers represent data. U1-L4 Lessons
2.02 Understand how computer store information. U1-L4; U1-L6; U1-L7;U1-L8; U4-L1; U1-L5; U4-L3 Lessons
3.01 Understand basic data structures. U4-L1; U4-L2; U5-L2; U4-L1; U4-L3 Lessons
3.02 Write programs using sequential algorithms. U6-L1 Lessons
3.03 Evaluate expressions in an algorithmic process. U4-L1; U4-L3; U7-L2; U7-L3; U4-L2; U5-L3; U4-L5; U4-L7; U4-L5; U4-L7 Lessons
3.04 Utilize conditional expressions and selections. U4-L6; U4-L7; U4-L6; U4-L7; U5-L7; U6-L1 Lessons
3.05 Utilize procedure calls in programs. U4-L3; U4-L7;U4-L9; U7-L1; U7-L3 Lessons
4.01 Understand network structures. U2-L2 Lessons
4.02 Understand how the internet works. U2-L3; U2-L4; U2-L5; U2-L6 Lessons
4.03 Understand how data is sent through the internet. U2-L5; U2-L4 Lessons
5.01 Understand the impacts of computational innovation. U10-L1; U10-L4; U10-L5; U9-L6; U10-L4; U10-L8 Lessons
5.02 Understand legal and ethical implications of computation innovation. U1-L11; U2-L7; U2-L8;U10-L4 Lessons
5.03 Understand privacy concerns with computing systems. U10-L3; U10-L4; U2-L6; U10-L1; U10-L6; U10-L7; U10-L9; U10-L10 Lessons