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Integrated Coding Projects

Students don’t need to be in a computer science class to explore coding. There are coding applications in every subject, including art, math, science and history. With CodeHS Integrated Coding Projects, teachers can use coding to reinforce and extend student understanding of their own content while teaching students how to make awesome projects! This is a great way to introduce students to programming and show them that coding is a valuable skill in any discipline.


The entirely web-based curriculum is made up of a series of lessons that introduce students to coding while extending or reinforcing a topic in their class subject. Each unit is made up of short video tutorials, example programs, quizzes, programming exercises, and challenge problems. At the end of the unit, students will complete a coding project, applying knowledge learned in class and the coding knowledge for the unit. Each unit takes 5-10 hours of class time to complete.

Who is it for?

These project units do not require students to come in with any programming experience. Each unit has subject-specific prerequisites, and may expect familiarity or mastery of concepts within the subject that it relates to. Teachers do not need programming experience to teach these units, but they should be willing to explore and learn to code alongside their students.

What Projects are Available?

Coding in Math: Modeling Students build mathematical models using Python Turtle Graphics (LOGO). Starting with simple linear models, students learn how to model more complex systems, culminating in a dynamic nonlinear model of predator-prey populations. Algebra II/Pre-calculus
Coding in Math: Virtual Reality Students use Mozilla’s A-Frame library to create virtual reality worlds. Students use what they know about 3D coordinates and shapes to develop interactive virtual reality worlds that can be viewed on through VR headsets or mobile devices. Geometry
Coding in Physics Students use JavaScript to create simulations of the real world. Students explore gravity, inelastic and elastic collisions and more to build a simple basketball game. High School Physics
Coding in Art: Fractals Students learn how to generate fractal art using JavaScript. Students learn how to create and explore simple fractal patterns to build their own digital art. Art/Geometry


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