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1. Introduction to Programming
1.1 Introduction to Programming With Karel
Video 1.1.1 Introduction to Programming With Karel
Check for Understanding 1.1.2 Quiz: Karel Commands
Example 1.1.3 Our First Karel Program
Exercise 1.1.4 Your First Karel Program
Exercise 1.1.5 Short Stack
Debugging 1.1.6 Dancing Karel
1.2 More Basic Karel
Video 1.2.1 More Basic Karel
Check for Understanding 1.2.2 More Basic Karel Quiz
Example 1.2.3 Tennis Ball Square
Exercise 1.2.4 Make a Tower
Exercise 1.2.5 Pyramid of Karel
Debugging 1.2.6 Go Through the Door
1.3 Karel Can't Turn Right
Video 1.3.1 Karel Can't Turn Right
Check for Understanding 1.3.2 Karel Can't Turn Right Quiz
Example 1.3.3 Tower and Turn Right
Exercise 1.3.4 Fireman Karel
Exercise 1.3.5 Slide Karel
Free Response 1.3.6 Reflection: Teaching Karel New Commands
Badge 1.3.7 Right Turn Karel Badge
1.4 Functions in Karel
Video 1.4.1 Functions in Karel
Check for Understanding 1.4.2 Functions in Karel Quiz
Example 1.4.3 Turn Around
Exercise 1.4.4 Pancakes
Exercise 1.4.5 Backflip
Exercise 1.4.6 Digging Karel
Debugging 1.4.7 Build a Shelter
1.5 The Start Function
Video 1.5.1 The Start Function
Check for Understanding 1.5.2 The Start Function Quiz
Example 1.5.3 Tower with Start Function
Exercise 1.5.4 Pancakes with Start
Exercise 1.5.5 Digging Karel with Start
1.6 Top Down Design and Decomposition in Karel
Video 1.6.1 Top Down Design and Decomposition in Karel
Check for Understanding 1.6.2 Top Down Design and Decomposition Quiz
Example 1.6.3 Hurdle Karel
Exercise 1.6.4 The Two Towers
Debugging 1.6.5 Make a 'Z'
Free Response 1.6.6 Reflection: Top Down Design
1.7 Commenting Your Code
Video 1.7.1 Commenting Your Code
Check for Understanding 1.7.2 Commenting Your Code Quiz
Example 1.7.3 Hurdle Karel
Exercise 1.7.4 The Two Towers + Comments
Free Response 1.7.5 Reflection: Commenting
1.8 Abstraction
Video 1.8.1 Abstraction
Check for Understanding 1.8.2 Abstraction Quiz
Example 1.8.3 Abstracting Away buildTower
Free Response 1.8.4 Abstracting Your Day
Free Response 1.8.5 Reflection: Abstraction
Free Response 1.8.6 Reflection: Abstraction in Karel
1.9 Super Karel
Video 1.9.1 Super Karel
Check for Understanding 1.9.2 Super Karel Quiz
Example 1.9.3 Hurdle Karel (with SuperKarel)
Exercise 1.9.4 The Two Towers + SuperKarel
Badge 1.9.5 Super Karel Badge
1.10 For Loops
Video 1.10.1 For Loops
Check for Understanding 1.10.2 For Loops Quiz
Example 1.10.3 Repeated Move
Example 1.10.4 Put Down Tennis Balls
Exercise 1.10.5 Take 'em All
Exercise 1.10.6 Dizzy Karel
Exercise 1.10.7 For Loop Square
Exercise 1.10.8 Lots of Hurdles
1.11 If Statements
Video 1.11.1 If Statements
Check for Understanding 1.11.2 If Statements Quiz
Example 1.11.3 If Statements
Example 1.11.4 Safe Take Ball
Exercise 1.11.5 Is There a Ball?
Survey 1.11.6 Mindsets
1.12 If/Else Statements
Video 1.12.1 If/Else Statements
Check for Understanding 1.12.2 If/Else Statements Quiz
Example 1.12.3 If/Else Statements
Example 1.12.4 One Ball in Each Spot
Exercise 1.12.5 Right Side Up
Badge 1.12.6 Conditional Karel Badge
1.13 While Loops in Karel
Video 1.13.1 While Loops in Karel
Check for Understanding 1.13.2 While Loops in Karel Quiz
Example 1.13.3 Move to Wall
Exercise 1.13.4 Follow The Yellow Ball Road
Exercise 1.13.5 Lay Row of Tennis Balls
Exercise 1.13.6 Big Tower
1.14 Control Structures Example
Video 1.14.1 Control Structures Example
Check for Understanding 1.14.2 Control Structures Example Quiz
Example 1.14.3 Cleanup Karel
Exercise 1.14.4 Random Hurdles
1.15 Debugging Strategies
Video 1.15.1 Debugging Basics
Check for Understanding 1.15.2 Debugging Basics
Debugging 1.15.3 Debug: The Two Towers
Debugging 1.15.4 Debug: Lots of Hurdles
Video 1.15.5 Debugging From Error Messages
Check for Understanding 1.15.6 Debugging with Error Messages
Debugging 1.15.7 Debug: Big Tower
Debugging 1.15.8 Debug: Random Hurdles
1.16 Karel Algorithms
Video 1.16.1 Karel Algorithms
Check for Understanding 1.16.2 Quiz: Which Control Structure?
Video 1.16.3 Algorithms Example: Move Stack
Example 1.16.4 Move Tennis Ball Stack
Example 1.16.5 Climbing Karel
Exercise 1.16.6 Decorate the Fence
1.17 How to Indent Your Code
Video 1.17.1 How to Indent Your Code
Check for Understanding 1.17.2 How to Indent Your Code Quiz
Example 1.17.3 Dance and Clean Karel
Exercise 1.17.4 Diagonal
Exercise 1.17.5 Staircase
1.18 Karel Challenges
Challenge 1.18.1 Fetch
Challenge 1.18.2 Racing Karel
Challenge 1.18.3 Tower Builder
Challenge 1.18.4 Super Cleanup Karel
Challenge 1.18.5 Double Tennis Balls
Badge 1.18.6 Karel Challenges Badge
1.19 Introduction to Programming Quiz
Unit Quiz 1.19.1 Introduction to Programming Quiz
2. JavaScript and Graphics
2.1 Hello World
Video 2.1.1 Hello World
Check for Understanding 2.1.2 Hello World Quiz
Example 2.1.3 Hello World
Exercise 2.1.4 Your Name and Hobby
2.2 Variables
Video 2.2.1 Variables
Check for Understanding 2.2.2 Variables Quiz
Example 2.2.3 Basic Variables
Exercise 2.2.4 Daily Activities
2.3 User Input
Video 2.3.1 User Input
Check for Understanding 2.3.2 User Input Quiz
Example 2.3.3 Basic User Input
Exercise 2.3.4 Dinner Plans
Badge 2.3.5 User Input Badge
2.4 Basic Math in JavaScript
Video 2.4.1 Basic Math in JavaScript
Check for Understanding 2.4.2 Basic Math in JavaScript Quiz
Example 2.4.3 Simple Calculator
Example 2.4.4 Dollars to Pounds
Example 2.4.5 Dividing Up Groups
Exercise 2.4.6 T-Shirt Shop
Exercise 2.4.7 Running Speed
2.5 Using Graphics in JavaScript
Video 2.5.1 Graphics
Check for Understanding 2.5.2 JavaScript Graphics Quiz
Example 2.5.3 Graphics Hello World
Example 2.5.4 Blue Circle
Example 2.5.5 Red Rectangle
Example 2.5.6 8 Ball
Exercise 2.5.7 Flag of the Netherlands
Exercise 2.5.8 Snowman
2.6 Programming with JavaScript Quiz
Unit Quiz 2.6.1 JavaScript and Graphics Quiz
Badge 2.6.2 Graphics Badge
3. JavaScript Control Structures
3.1 Booleans
Video 3.1.1 Booleans
Check for Understanding 3.1.2 Booleans Quiz
Example 3.1.3 First Boolean
Exercise 3.1.4 Do You Have a Cat?
3.2 Logical Operators
Video 3.2.1 Logical Operators
Check for Understanding 3.2.2 Logical Operators Quiz
Example 3.2.3 Light Switch
Example 3.2.4 President
Example 3.2.5 Wasting Time
Exercise 3.2.6 Can You Graduate?
Exercise 3.2.7 School's Out
3.3 Comparison Operators
Video 3.3.1 Comparison Operators
Check for Understanding 3.3.2 Comparison Operators Quiz
Example 3.3.3 Voting Age
Example 3.3.4 Grade Range
Exercise 3.3.5 Rolling Dice
Exercise 3.3.6 All Star
AP Practice 3.3.7 AP Practice: Comparison Operators
3.4 If Statements
Video 3.4.1 If Statements
Check for Understanding 3.4.2 If Statements Quiz
Example 3.4.3 Negative Numbers
Example 3.4.4 Great Names
Example 3.4.5 Even and Odd
Example 3.4.6 Secret Password
Exercise 3.4.7 Teenagers
Exercise 3.4.8 Meal Planner
AP Practice 3.4.9 AP Practice: If/Else Statements
Badge 3.4.10 Conditionals Badge
3.5 For Loops in JavaScript
Video 3.5.1 Basic For Loop
Check for Understanding 3.5.2 For Loops Quiz
Example 3.5.3 For Loop
Exercise 3.5.4 Meme Text Generator
Exercise 3.5.5 The Worm
Exercise 3.5.6 Caterpillar
3.6 General For Loops
Video 3.6.1 General For Loop
Check for Understanding 3.6.2 General For Loop Quiz
Example 3.6.3 Countdown
Example 3.6.4 Count By Twos
Exercise 3.6.5 Count By Sevens
Exercise 3.6.6 Powers of Two
3.7 For Loop Practice
Video 3.7.1 For Loop Examples
Check for Understanding 3.7.2 For Loop Examples Quiz
Example 3.7.3 For Loop Sum
Exercise 3.7.4 Better Sum
Exercise 3.7.5 Factorial
Exercise 3.7.6 All Dice Values
3.8 Random Numbers
Video 3.8.1 Random Numbers
Check for Understanding 3.8.2 Random Numbers Quiz
Example 3.8.3 Rolling a Die
Example 3.8.4 Flipping a Coin
Exercise 3.8.5 Lots of Dice
Exercise 3.8.6 Random Color Square
Survey 3.8.7 Mindsets
3.9 While Loops
Video 3.9.1 While Loops
Check for Understanding 3.9.2 While Loops Quiz
Example 3.9.3 While Loop Countdown
Exercise 3.9.4 Inventory
Exercise 3.9.5 Fibonacci
AP Practice 3.9.6 AP Practice: Iteration
3.10 Loop and a Half
Video 3.10.1 Loop and a Half
Check for Understanding 3.10.2 Loop and a Half Quiz
Example 3.10.3 Adding Up Numbers
Exercise 3.10.4 Snake Eyes
Exercise 3.10.5 Better Password Prompt
Badge 3.10.6 Looper Badge
3.11 Javascript Control Structures Quiz
Unit Quiz 3.11.1 JavaScript Control Structures Quiz
4. Functions and Parameters
4.1 Functions and Parameters 1
Video 4.1.1 Functions and Parameters 1
Check for Understanding 4.1.2 Functions and Parameters Quiz 1
Example 4.1.3 Double Number
Exercise 4.1.4 Square
Exercise 4.1.5 Triple
4.2 Functions and Parameters 2
Video 4.2.1 Functions and Parameters 2
Check for Understanding 4.2.2 Functions and Parameters Quiz 2
Example 4.2.3 Sum Function
Exercise 4.2.4 Area of Triangle
Exercise 4.2.5 Height in Meters
4.3 Functions and Parameters 3
Video 4.3.1 Functions and Parameters 3
Check for Understanding 4.3.2 Functions and Parameters Quiz 3
Example 4.3.3 Draw Circles
Exercise 4.3.4 Horizontal Lines
Exercise 4.3.5 Graphics Stop Light
Exercise 4.3.6 Pool Table
Badge 4.3.7 Parameters Badge
4.4 Functions and Return Values 1
Video 4.4.1 Functions and Return Values 1
Check for Understanding 4.4.2 Functions and Return Values Quiz
Example 4.4.3 Double Number
Exercise 4.4.4 Square with Return Values
Exercise 4.4.5 Quadruple with Return Values
4.5 Functions and Return Values 2
Video 4.5.1 Functions and Return Values 2
Check for Understanding 4.5.2 Functions and Return Values Quiz 2
Example 4.5.3 Return Values
Exercise 4.5.4 Is It Even?
Exercise 4.5.5 Min
4.6 Local Variables and Scope
Video 4.6.1 Local Variables and Scope
Check for Understanding 4.6.2 Local Variables and Scope Quiz
Example 4.6.3 Return Values
Exercise 4.6.4 Local Variables
4.7 JavaScript vs Karel
Video 4.7.1 JavaScript vs Karel
Example 4.7.2 Making Karel's World
Example 4.7.3 Making Karel Turn Left
Exercise 4.7.4 Making Karel Turn Right
Exercise 4.7.5 Making Karel Move
Connection 4.7.6 What is an API?
Free Response 4.7.7 Reflection: Is Karel an API?
Badge 4.7.8 JavaScript Exercises Badge
4.8 Basic JavaScript and Graphics Challenges
Challenge 4.8.1 Ghosts
Challenge 4.8.2 Guessing Game
Challenge 4.8.3 Draw Something
Badge 4.8.4 JavaScript Challenges Badge
4.9 Functions and Parameters Quiz
Unit Quiz 4.9.1 Functions and Parameters Quiz
5. Project: Tell a Story
5.1 Project: Tell a Story
Demo 5.1.1 Tell a Story Demo
Free Response 5.1.2 Brainstorm and Discuss
Free Response 5.1.3 Planning
Free Response 5.1.4 Pseudocode
Challenge 5.1.5 Tell a Story!
Free Response 5.1.6 Reflection
6. Basic Data Structures
6.1 Intro to Lists/Arrays
Video 6.1.1 Intro to Lists/Arrays
Check for Understanding 6.1.2 Intro to Lists/Arrays Quiz
Example 6.1.3 Making an Array
Exercise 6.1.4 List of Places to Travel
Exercise 6.1.5 List of Prime Numbers
AP Practice 6.1.6 AP Practice: Lists
6.2 Indexing Into an Array
Video 6.2.1 Indexing Into an Array
Check for Understanding 6.2.2 Indexing into an Array Quiz
Example 6.2.3 Array Indexing Practice
Exercise 6.2.4 Top Movies
Badge 6.2.5 Indexing Badge
6.3 Adding/Removing From an Array
Video 6.3.1 Adding/Removing From an Array
Check for Understanding 6.3.2 Adding/Removing from an Array Quiz
Example 6.3.3 Add/Remove From Array
Exercise 6.3.4 Empty Array (Push/Pop)
6.4 Array Length and Looping Through Arrays
Video 6.4.1 Array Length and Looping Through Arrays
Check for Understanding 6.4.2 Array Length and Looping Through Arrays Quiz
Example 6.4.3 Print Shopping List
Example 6.4.4 Print First Five Items
Example 6.4.5 Sum Array
Example 6.4.6 Max Value in Array
Exercise 6.4.7 Product of List
Exercise 6.4.8 Print Flight Itinerary
Exercise 6.4.9 Double List
Exercise 6.4.10 Evens Only List
Exercise 6.4.11 In a World Without Arrays!
Free Response 6.4.12 Reflection: World Without Arrays!
Exercise 6.4.13 Reverse List
6.5 Iterating Over an Array
Video 6.5.1 Examples: Iterating Over an Array
Check for Understanding 6.5.2 Iterating Over an Array Quiz
Example 6.5.3 Coin Flips
Example 6.5.4 Many Crazy Balls
Exercise 6.5.5 Coin Flip Fun: Number of Heads and Tails
Exercise 6.5.6 Coin Flip Fun: Longest Streak of Heads
Exercise 6.5.7 Changing Circles
Exercise 6.5.8 Draw a Barcode
Badge 6.5.9 Arrays Badge
Survey 6.5.10 Mindsets
6.6 Finding an Element in a List
Video 6.6.1 Finding an Element in a List
Check for Understanding 6.6.2 Finding an Element in a List Quiz
Example 6.6.3 Array indexOf
Exercise 6.6.4 Who is in Line?
Example 6.6.5 Algorithm Efficiency
6.7 Removing an Element From an Array
Video 6.7.1 Removing an Element From an Array
Check for Understanding 6.7.2 Removing an Element from an Array Quiz
Example 6.7.3 Splice and Remove
Exercise 6.7.4 Remove From Line
AP Practice 6.7.5 AP Practice: List Procedures
6.8 Simulation
Video 6.8.1 Simulation
Example 6.8.2 Gravity Simulation
Example 6.8.3 Conway's Game of Life
Exercise 6.8.4 Simulating a Coin Flip
Connection 6.8.5 Wolf Sheep Predation Simulation
Badge 6.8.6 Data Structures Exercises Badge
6.9 Basic Data Structures Quiz
Unit Quiz 6.9.1 Basic Data Structures Quiz
7. Digital Information
7.1 Intro to Digital Information
Video 7.1.1 What is Digital Information?
Check for Understanding 7.1.2 What is Digital Information Quiz
Example 7.1.3 Fast Food Menu
Example 7.1.4 DNA
Free Response 7.1.5 Reflection: Encodings Everywhere
7.2 Number Systems
Video 7.2.1 Number Systems
Notes 7.2.2 Number Base Tool
Check for Understanding 7.2.3 Number Systems Quiz
Video 7.2.4 Decimal to Binary
Check for Understanding 7.2.5 Decimal to Binary Quiz
Exercise 7.2.6 Binary Game
Exercise 7.2.7 Overflow Error
Example 7.2.8 More Overflow Errors
7.3 Encoding Text with Binary
Video 7.3.1 Encoding Text with Binary
Check for Understanding 7.3.2 Encoding Text with Binary Quiz
Example 7.3.3 Morse Code
Example 7.3.4 Decoding a Binary Message
Example 7.3.5 2-bit Custom Encoding
Example 7.3.6 Bits to ASCII
Exercise 7.3.7 Hello Karel in Bits
Exercise 7.3.8 Create your own Encoding
Exercise 7.3.9 Text to Binary
Badge 7.3.10 Encoding Badge
7.4 Pixel Images
Video 7.4.1 Pixel Images
Check for Understanding 7.4.2 Pixel Images Quiz
Resource 7.4.3 Creating Pixel Images
Example 7.4.4 CodeHS Logo
Exercise 7.4.5 Checkerboard
Exercise 7.4.6 Ladder
Exercise 7.4.7 Create an Image!
7.5 Hexadecimal
Video 7.5.1 Hexadecimal
Check for Understanding 7.5.2 Hexadecimal Quiz
Example 7.5.3 Hexadecimal to Decimal
Exercise 7.5.4 Binary to Hex Game
7.6 Pixel Colors!
Video 7.6.1 Pixel Colors
Check for Understanding 7.6.2 Pixel Colors Quiz
Example 7.6.3 Colors in Bits
Example 7.6.4 Colors in Text
Example 7.6.5 Colors in RGB
Exercise 7.6.6 Exploring RGB
Exercise 7.6.7 Making Yellow
Exercise 7.6.8 Rainbow
Exercise 7.6.9 Create a Color Image!
7.7 Cryptography
7.8 Digital Information Quiz
Unit Quiz 7.8.1 Digital Information Quiz
Badge 7.8.2 Digital Information Badge
8. The Internet and Computers
8.1 Operating Systems
Video 8.1.1 Operating Systems
Check for Understanding 8.1.2 Operating Systems Quiz
Example 8.1.3 Detect My OS
Example 8.1.4 Windows OS Installation Simulation
Free Response 8.1.5 Installing an OS
Connection 8.1.6 Upgrading a Mac OS
8.2 Software and Applications
Video 8.2.1 Software and Applications
Check for Understanding 8.2.2 Software and Applications Quiz
Example 8.2.3 Spreadsheet Simulation
Example 8.2.4 Messaging Simulation
Example 8.2.5 Kanban Board Simulation
Free Response 8.2.6 Software Simulations
8.3 Welcome to the Internet
Video 8.3.1 Welcome to the Internet
Check for Understanding 8.3.2 Welcome to the Internet Quiz
Free Response 8.3.3 Reflection: The Internet and You
8.4 Internet Hardware
Video 8.4.1 Devices and Networks
Video 8.4.2 Hardware of the Internet
Check for Understanding 8.4.3 Internet Hardware Quiz
Connection 8.4.4 The Internet is in the Ocean
8.5 Internet Addresses
Video 8.5.1 Internet Addresses
Check for Understanding 8.5.2 Internet Addresses Quiz
Free Response 8.5.3 Free Response: The Need for Addresses
Check for Understanding 8.5.4 4-bit Addresses
Free Response 8.5.5 Free Response: IPv4 vs IPv6
8.6 Viewing Websites
Video 8.6.1 Viewing Websites
Check for Understanding 8.6.2 Viewing Websites Quiz
Free Response 8.6.3 Free Response: Explaining a URL
8.7 DNS
Video 8.7.1 DNS
Check for Understanding 8.7.2 DNS Quiz
Connection 8.7.3 How Does DNS Work?
Free Response 8.7.4 Respond: How Does DNS Work?
Badge 8.7.5 DNS Badge
8.8 Routing
Video 8.8.1 Routing
Check for Understanding 8.8.2 Routing Quiz
Free Response 8.8.3 Free Response: Redundancy
Traceroute 8.8.4 Route Tracing
8.9 Packets and Protocols
Video 8.9.1 Packets and Protocols
Check for Understanding 8.9.2 Packets and Protocols Quiz
Resource 8.9.3 Passing Notes
Connection 8.9.4 How the Internet Works
Free Response 8.9.5 The Story of the Internet
8.10 Cybersecurity
Video 8.10.1 Cybersecurity
Check for Understanding 8.10.2 Cybersecurity Quiz
Example 8.10.3 You Can Be Tracked!
Connection 8.10.4 Website Cookies
Connection 8.10.5 Password Strength
Free Response 8.10.6 Reflection: Password Strength
Example 8.10.7 Multifactor Authentication
Free Response 8.10.8 Reflection: PII
Example 8.10.9 Phishing Simulator
Connection 8.10.10 Protecting Data at All Times
Free Response 8.10.11 Protecting Data at All Times
Survey 8.10.12 Mindsets
8.11 The Impact of the Internet
Video 8.11.1 The Impact of the Internet
Check for Understanding 8.11.2 The Impact of the Internet Quiz
Free Response 8.11.3 Reflection: Internet Impact
Connection 8.11.4 Crucial Steps to Close the Digital Divide
Free Response 8.11.5 Reflection: Closing the Digital Divide
Connection 8.11.6 Pokemon Go: Unintended Effects
Free Response 8.11.7 Reflection: Unintended Effects
8.12 Creative Credit & Copyright
Video 8.12.1 Creative Credit and Copyright
Check for Understanding 8.12.2 Creative Credit and Copyright
Free Response 8.12.3 Cite!
Connection 8.12.4 Exploring Creative Commons
Free Response 8.12.5 Respond: Creative Commons
Free Response 8.12.6 Task: Finding Images
Free Response 8.12.7 Reflection: Why is Copyright Important?
8.13 The Internet Quiz
Unit Quiz 8.13.1 The Internet Quiz
Badge 8.13.2 The Internet Badge
9. Project: The Effects of the Internet
9.1 The Effects of the Internet
Free Response 9.1.1 Topic Brainstorm
Free Response 9.1.2 Gathering Resources
Presentation 9.1.3 Make Your Artifact
Free Response 9.1.4 Written Responses
10. Data
10.1 Getting Started with Data
Video 10.1.1 Getting Started with Data
Check for Understanding 10.1.2 Getting Started with Data Quiz
Connection 10.1.3 What Do We Do With Data?
Free Response 10.1.4 Reflection: Continuously Collecting Data
10.2 Visualizing and Interpreting Data
Video 10.2.1 Visualizing Data
Check for Understanding 10.2.2 Visualizing Data Quiz
Notes 10.2.3 Exploring Data Visualizations
Connection 10.2.4 US Recorded Music Revenue
Connection 10.2.5 National Parks
Connection 10.2.6 March Madness
Connection 10.2.7 Captain Marvel
Free Response 10.2.8 Respond: Visualizations
Free Response 10.2.9 Free Response: Choosing a Visualization
Check for Understanding 10.2.10 Visualizing & Interpreting Data Quiz
10.3 Data Collection & Limitations
Video 10.3.1 Collecting Data
Check for Understanding 10.3.2 Collecting Data Quiz
Free Response 10.3.3 Reflection: Design a Survey
Free Response 10.3.4 Reflection: Self-Driving Cars
Check for Understanding 10.3.5 Data Collection Quiz
Video 10.3.6 Data Limitations
Check for Understanding 10.3.7 Interpreting Data Quiz
Example 10.3.8 Line Graph
Example 10.3.9 Bar Graph
Example 10.3.10 Pie Chart
Free Response 10.3.11 Reflection: Importance of Metadata
10.4 Data Quiz
Unit Quiz 10.4.1 Data Quiz
11. Project: Present a Data-Driven Insight
11.1 Present a Data-Driven Insight
Free Response 11.1.1 Topic Brainstorm
Free Response 11.1.2 Gathering Resources
Presentation 11.1.3 Make a Visualization
Free Response 11.1.4 Written Responses
Free Response 11.1.5 Share Your Findings
12. Creative Development
12.1 Intro to Design Thinking
Video 12.1.1 Intro to Design Thinking
Check for Understanding 12.1.2 Intro to Design Thinking
Free Response 12.1.3 User Interface Scavenger Hunt
Connection 12.1.4 Case Study: Helping Blind People See
Free Response 12.1.5 Case Study Responses
Demo 12.1.6 Tell a Story Demo
Free Response 12.1.7 Brainstorming Project Ideas
12.2 Empathy
Video 12.2.1 Empathy
Check for Understanding 12.2.2 Empathy Quiz
Connection 12.2.3 A Cafeteria Designed for Me
Free Response 12.2.4 A Cafeteria Designed for Me
Connection 12.2.5 Accessibility
Free Response 12.2.6 Accessibility Tips
Free Response 12.2.7 Accessibility: Designing for ALL
Connection 12.2.8 How to Interview
Free Response 12.2.9 How to Interview
Free Response 12.2.10 User Interview
12.3 Prototype
Video 12.3.1 Prototype
Check for Understanding 12.3.2 Prototype Quiz
Connection 12.3.3 Wizard of Oz Prototyping
Connection 12.3.4 Example Wizard of Oz Paper Prototype
Free Response 12.3.5 Make Your Paper Prototypes!
12.4 Test
Video 12.4.1 Test
Check for Understanding 12.4.2 Testing Quiz
Connection 12.4.3 Testing with Users
Connection 12.4.4 Example: How to User Test
Free Response 12.4.5 How to User Test Responses
Connection 12.4.6 Example: How NOT to User Test
Free Response 12.4.7 How NOT to User Test Responses
Resource 12.4.8 How to Make Accessible Programs
Free Response 12.4.9 Test Prototype 1
Free Response 12.4.10 Test Prototype 2
Free Response 12.4.11 Improve Your Prototype
12.5 Project Prep and Development
Free Response 12.5.1 Online Collaboration Tools
Free Response 12.5.2 Pseudocode
Challenge 12.5.3 Write the Code!
Presentation 12.5.4 Present your Project
Survey 12.5.5 Mindsets