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Introduction to Virtual Reality


Unit Description
Getting Started: This unit introduces students to virtual reality and the A-Frame library. Students will create their first virtual reality world!
Advanced Shapes: In this unit, students are introduced to boxes, cones, and cylinders. Students will also learn where to find out more information about the shapes that A-Frame provides.
Animation: In this unit, students will learn how to add animations to the objects in their VR worlds. They will learn how to program shapes to move, change color, rotate, and disappear.
Interaction: In this unit students will learn how to add interactions so that viewers can interact with objects in virtual reality.
360˚ Images: In this unit, students will learn to work with 360˚ images and videos in their VR worlds. Students will learn the steps to add an image from a 360˚ camera, as well as an image or video sourced online. Students will create their own worlds using 360˚ images, and will gain practice citing their sources when using images captured by others.
Next Steps: This unit discusses next steps students can take to further explore virtual reality development with a A-Frame. Topics include viewing your creation in a VR device, using the A-Frame documentation and inspector to keep learning, as well as links to more tutorials and training.
Final Project: In this unit, students will combine the skills they've learned to brainstorm and create their own virtual reality final project.