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1. What is Cybersecurity?
1.1 Module Overview - Cybersecurity
Video 1.1.1 Welcome to Cybersecurity
Check for Understanding 1.1.2 Welcome to Cybersecurity
Example 1.1.3 Intruder Alert!
Free Response 1.1.4 Cybersecurity and You
Free Response 1.1.5 Course Goals
1.2 What is Cybersecurity?
Video 1.2.1 What is Cybersecurity?
Check for Understanding 1.2.2 What is Cybersecurity?
Connection 1.2.3 WannaCry Ransomware Attack
Free Response 1.2.4 WannaCry Reflection
Example 1.2.5 Ransomware Simulator
Connection 1.2.6 Internet of Things
Connection 1.2.7 Cybersecurity and Connected Cars
Free Response 1.2.8 Internet of Things Reflection
1.3 Impact of Cybersecurity
Video 1.3.1 Impact of Cybersecurity
Check for Understanding 1.3.2 Impact of Cybersecurity
Example 1.3.3 Phishing Simulator
Connection 1.3.4 Yahoo! Attack
Free Response 1.3.5 Yahoo! Reflection
Connection 1.3.6 Fighting Cyber Crime
Free Response 1.3.7 Cyber Crime Reflection
Connection 1.3.8 FBI Cyber Crime
Free Response 1.3.9 FBI Reflection
1.4 The CIA Triad
Video 1.4.1 CIA Triad
Check for Understanding 1.4.2 CIA Triad
Free Response 1.4.3 Which part of the CIA Triad?
Free Response 1.4.4 Which part of the CIA Triad?
Free Response 1.4.5 Breach of Confidentiality
Free Response 1.4.6 Breach of Availability
Free Response 1.4.7 CIA Connections
1.5 What is Cybersecurity? Quiz
Unit Quiz 1.5.1 What is Cybersecurity? Quiz
2. The ABCs of Cryptography
2.1 Cryptography, Cryptology, Cryptanalysis
Video 2.1.1 Cryptography, Cryptology, Cryptanalysis
Check for Understanding 2.1.2 Cryptography, Cryptology, Cryptanalysis
Example 2.1.3 Cryptogram Game!
Video 2.1.4 Why encrypt?
Check for Understanding 2.1.5 Why encrypt?
Example 2.1.6 Encrypt/Decrypt
2.2 History of Cryptography
Video 2.2.1 Cryptography: A Brief History
Check for Understanding 2.2.2 Cryptography History Quiz
Connection 2.2.3 How the Enigma Worked
Free Response 2.2.4 How the Enigma Worked
Connection 2.2.5 Unknown Languages and the Future of Cryptography
Free Response 2.2.6 The Future of Cybersecurity
2.3 Basic Crypto Systems: Caesar Cipher
Video 2.3.1 Caesar Cipher
Check for Understanding 2.3.2 Caesar Cipher
Example 2.3.3 Caesar Cipher Encryption
Example 2.3.4 Decrypt Caesar's Cipher!
2.4 Basic Crypto Systems: Cracking Caesar
Video 2.4.1 Cracking Caesar Cipher
Check for Understanding 2.4.2 Cracking Caesar Cipher
Example 2.4.3 Cracking Caesar with Brute Force
Example 2.4.4 Letter Frequency and Caesar
Free Response 2.4.5 Examining Caesar Cipher
2.5 Basic Crypto Systems: Vigenere Cipher
Video 2.5.1 Vigenere Cipher
Check for Understanding 2.5.2 Vigenere Cipher
Example 2.5.3 Vigenere Cipher Example
Example 2.5.4 Letter Frequency and Vigenere Cipher
Free Response 2.5.5 Examining Vigenere Cipher
Example 2.5.6 Improving Vigenere
2.6 The ABCs of Cryptography Quiz
Unit Quiz 2.6.1 The ABCs of Cryptography Quiz
3. Project: Classic Cipher Newscast
3.1 Project: Classic Cipher Newscast
Notes 3.1.1 Overview
Notes 3.1.2 Investigate a Classic Cipher
Free Response 3.1.3 Write the Script and Rehearse
Free Response 3.1.4 Newscast Presentation
4. Advanced Cryptography
4.1 Welcome to Advanced Cybersecurity!
Notes 4.1.1 Course Introduction
Connection 4.1.2 Cybersecurity 101
Connection 4.1.3 Cyber Heat Map
Free Response 4.1.4 Cyber Heat Map
Connection 4.1.5 Career Pathways
Free Response 4.1.6 Career Pathways
Connection 4.1.7 Starting with Cryptography
Free Response 4.1.8 Course Goals
4.2 Encryption Algorithms
Video 4.2.1 Ciphers
Check for Understanding 4.2.2 Ciphers Quiz
Free Response 4.2.3 Enhanced Caesar Cipher
Free Response 4.2.4 Mixed Alphabet Cipher
Example 4.2.5 Pigpen Encoder
Free Response 4.2.6 Pigpen Cipher
Free Response 4.2.7 Rail Fence Cipher
Video 4.2.8 Encryption Standards
Check for Understanding 4.2.9 Encryption Standards Quiz
4.3 Advanced Cryptography
Video 4.3.1 Advanced Cryptography
Check for Understanding 4.3.2 Advanced Cryptography
Connection 4.3.3 Public Key Cryptography for Non-Geeks
Free Response 4.3.4 Examining Public Key Cryptography
Connection 4.3.5 Public Key Cryptography
Free Response 4.3.6 Public Key Cryptography
4.4 Hash Functions
Video 4.4.1 Hash Functions
Check for Understanding 4.4.2 Hash Functions
Connection 4.4.3 Google Shattered Crypto Algorithm
Free Response 4.4.4 Hash Functions in the News
Connection 4.4.5 Using a Hash Generator
Free Response 4.4.6 Hash Generator
Connection 4.4.7 Password Salting
Free Response 4.4.8 Password Salting
4.5 Hash Function Development
Video 4.5.1 Hash Function Development
Check for Understanding 4.5.2 Hash Function Development
Example 4.5.3 Modulo Math Calculator
Example 4.5.4 Understanding Modulo Math
Example 4.5.5 Modulo Game!
Exercise 4.5.6 Develop a Simple Hash Function
4.6 Asymmetric Encryption
Video 4.6.1 Asymmetric Encryption
Check for Understanding 4.6.2 Asymmetric Encryption Quiz
Example 4.6.3 Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange
Free Response 4.6.4 Affine Cipher
Free Response 4.6.5 Trapdoor Functions
Connection 4.6.6 RSA - Alice
Connection 4.6.7 RSA - Bob
Free Response 4.6.8 RSA Reflection
4.7 Digital Certificates
Video 4.7.1 Digital Certificates
Check for Understanding 4.7.2 Digital Certificates
Connection 4.7.3 SSL Explained
Free Response 4.7.4 SSL Explained
Free Response 4.7.5 SSL Connection
Connection 4.7.6 In The News
Free Response 4.7.7 In The News Response
Free Response 4.7.8 Become a Certificate Authority!
4.8 Advanced Cryptography Quiz
Unit Quiz 4.8.1 Advanced Cryptography Quiz
5. Project: Steganography
5.1 Project: Steganography
Video 5.1.1 Project Opener
Connection 5.1.2 Government Surveillance and Reality Winner
Free Response 5.1.3 Government Surveillance and Reality Winner
Connection 5.1.4 Data Hiding and Extraction
Free Response 5.1.5 Reflect: Data Hiding and Extraction
Example 5.1.6 Hide Text
Example 5.1.7 Hidden Message
Free Response 5.1.8 Your turn: Encryption Algorithm
Challenge 5.1.9 Your turn: Image Creation
Free Response 5.1.10 Final Algorithm and Partner Decode
Free Response 5.1.11 Final Reflection
6. System Administration
6.1 Operating Systems
Video 6.1.1 Operating Systems
Check for Understanding 6.1.2 Operating Systems Quiz
Example 6.1.3 Detect My OS
Example 6.1.4 Windows OS Installation Simulation
Free Response 6.1.5 Installing an OS
Connection 6.1.6 Upgrading a Mac OS
6.2 Comparing Operating Systems
Video 6.2.1 Comparing Operating Systems
Check for Understanding 6.2.2 Comparing Operating Systems Quiz
Example 6.2.3 Windows Simulation
Example 6.2.4 MacOS Simulation
Connection 6.2.5 Choose a Linux Distro!
Free Response 6.2.6 Which would you choose?
6.3 Compatibility
Video 6.3.1 Compatibility
Check for Understanding 6.3.2 Compatibility Quiz
Example 6.3.3 What Processor? Windows
Example 6.3.4 What Processor? Mac
Free Response 6.3.5 What Processor are you running?
6.4 Software and Applications
Video 6.4.1 Software and Applications
Check for Understanding 6.4.2 Software and Applications Quiz
Example 6.4.3 Spreadsheet Simulation
Example 6.4.4 Messaging Simulation
Example 6.4.5 Kanban Board Simulation
Free Response 6.4.6 Software Simulations
6.5 Software Licenses
Video 6.5.1 Software Licenses
Check for Understanding 6.5.2 Software Licenses Quiz
Free Response 6.5.3 Do I need a Software License?
Free Response 6.5.4 Is This Original?
6.6 Application Security
Video 6.6.1 Application Security
Check for Understanding 6.6.2 Application Security
Example 6.6.3 Windows Updates
Connection 6.6.4 Windows Defender Antivirus
Free Response 6.6.5 Windows Defender Antivirus
Free Response 6.6.6 CodeHS System Restore
6.7 Browser Configuration
Video 6.7.1 Browser Configuration
Check for Understanding 6.7.2 Browser Configuration
Connection 6.7.3 Cached CodeHS
Free Response 6.7.4 Cached CodeHS
Example 6.7.5 Is Your Popup Blocker On?
Free Response 6.7.6 Browser Extensions Lab
6.8 System Administration
Video 6.8.1 User Accounts
Check for Understanding 6.8.2 User Accounts Quiz
Free Response 6.8.3 User Accounts
Free Response 6.8.4 Shared Folders and Files
Video 6.8.5 Host Security
Check for Understanding 6.8.6 Host Security Quiz
Free Response 6.8.7 Security Baseline
6.9 Command Line Interface
Notes 6.9.1 Linux/MacOS vs. Windows
Video 6.9.2 Command Line Interface
Check for Understanding 6.9.3 Command Line Interface Quiz
Resource 6.9.4 Command Equivalents
Video 6.9.5 Windows Command Prompt
Free Response 6.9.6 Windows Command Prompt
Free Response 6.9.7 Directory Directions
Connection 6.9.8 Neural Interface?
Free Response 6.9.9 Neural Interface?
6.10 System Administration Quiz
Survey 6.10.1 Mindsets
Unit Quiz 6.10.2 System Administration Quiz
7. IT Infrastructure
7.1 Internal Components
Video 7.1.1 Internal Components
Check for Understanding 7.1.2 Internal Components
Connection 7.1.3 Build a Computer
Free Response 7.1.4 Build a Computer
Example 7.1.5 Test Your Brain's RAM!
Free Response 7.1.6 Test Your Brain's RAM!
7.2 Peripheral Devices
Video 7.2.1 Peripheral Devices
Check for Understanding 7.2.2 Peripheral Devices
Free Response 7.2.3 Personalized Peripherals
Free Response 7.2.4 IT Help
Free Response 7.2.5 Your Ideal Computer Setup
7.3 Network Devices
Video 7.3.1 Network Devices
Check for Understanding 7.3.2 Network Devices
Connection 7.3.3 Speed Test
Free Response 7.3.4 Speed Test
Connection 7.3.5 Fiber Optics Bend Light!
Free Response 7.3.6 Fiber Optics Bend Light!
Connection 7.3.7 Ethernet Standards
Free Response 7.3.8 Ethernet Standards
Free Response 7.3.9 Network Troubleshooting
7.4 Storage Options
Video 7.4.1 Storage Options
Check for Understanding 7.4.2 Storage Options Quiz
Connection 7.4.3 Security of Cloud Storage
Free Response 7.4.4 Security of Cloud Storage
Free Response 7.4.5 Storage Suggestions
7.5 Network Options
Video 7.5.1 Network Options
Check for Understanding 7.5.2 Network Options Quiz
Connection 7.5.3 What is an SSID?
Free Response 7.5.4 What is an SSID?
Free Response 7.5.5 Wireless Network Setup
7.6 Network Communication
Video 7.6.1 Network Communication
Check for Understanding 7.6.2 Network Communication Quiz
Example 7.6.3 Setting up a Firewall
Free Response 7.6.4 iptables
Notes 7.6.5 iptables simulation
7.7 Network Management
Notes 7.7.1 Linux/MacOS vs. Windows
Video 7.7.2 Network Management
Check for Understanding 7.7.3 Network Management Quiz
Example 7.7.4 MacOS Terminal Simulation
Example 7.7.5 Windows Command Prompt Simulation
Video 7.7.6 Windows Command Prompt Spy
Free Response 7.7.7 Windows Command Prompt Spy
Notes 7.7.8 SSH Logs
Resource 7.7.9 SSH Logs
Free Response 7.7.10 Reading Logs
7.8 IT Infrastructure Quiz
Unit Quiz 7.8.1 IT Infrastructure Quiz
8. Project: Troubleshooting
8.1 Methodology
Notes 8.1.1 Troubleshooting Methodology
Free Response 8.1.2 Identify the Problem
Free Response 8.1.3 Research Solutions
Free Response 8.1.4 Establish a Theory
Free Response 8.1.5 Test the Theory
Free Response 8.1.6 Fix the Problem!
8.2 Support Practice
Exercise 8.2.1 Signal Strength
Exercise 8.2.2 Interference
9. Software Security
9.1 Inside Web Apps
Video 9.1.1 Inside Web Apps
Check for Understanding 9.1.2 Inside Web Apps
Free Response 9.1.3 Using View Page Source
Example 9.1.4 Recreate a Webpage?
Connection 9.1.5 Getting Started with OWASP
Free Response 9.1.6 Getting Started with OWASP
9.2 Developer Tools
Video 9.2.1 Developer Tools
Check for Understanding 9.2.2 Developer Tools
Free Response 9.2.3 Using the Developer Tools
Exercise 9.2.4 Console Secrets
Example 9.2.5 Local Storage
Connection 9.2.6 The Top Cybersecurity Blogs and Websites
Free Response 9.2.7 Selecting a Site to Follow
9.3 The Value of Data
Video 9.3.1 The Value of Data
Check for Understanding 9.3.2 The Value of Data Quiz
Notes 9.3.3 Exploring Data Visualizations
Connection 9.3.4 US Recorded Music Revenue
Connection 9.3.5 National Parks
Connection 9.3.6 March Madness
Connection 9.3.7 Captain Marvel
Free Response 9.3.8 Respond: Visualizations
Free Response 9.3.9 Free Response: Choosing a Visualization
Free Response 9.3.10 Reflection: Design a Survey
9.4 Databases
Video 9.4.1 Databases
Check for Understanding 9.4.2 Databases
Connection 9.4.3 Database Administrator Career
Free Response 9.4.4 Database Administrator Career
Video 9.4.5 Parts of a Database
Check for Understanding 9.4.6 Parts of a Database
Connection 9.4.7 SQL Database Diagram
Free Response 9.4.8 SQL Database Diagram
Free Response 9.4.9 Schema Brainstorm
9.5 Clients and Servers
Video 9.5.1 Clients and Servers
Check for Understanding 9.5.2 Clients and Servers
Connection 9.5.3 Inside a Google Data Center
Free Response 9.5.4 Inside a Google Data Center
Connection 9.5.5 Cloud Vulnerabilities
Free Response 9.5.6 Cloud Vulnerabilities Response
Video 9.5.7 Client-Server Model
Check for Understanding 9.5.8 Client-Server Model
Connection 9.5.9 The Future of User Privacy
Free Response 9.5.10 The Future of User Privacy
9.6 What is SQL?
Notes 9.6.1 What is SQL Overview
Video 9.6.2 Intro to SQL
Check for Understanding 9.6.3 Quiz: What is SQL?
Video 9.6.4 How to Structure Data in SQL
Check for Understanding 9.6.5 How to Structure Data in SQL
Example 9.6.6 SQL Tables
Free Response 9.6.7 SQL Tables Response
9.7 Basic Querying in SQL
Video 9.7.1 The SELECT Statement
Check for Understanding 9.7.2 Basic Querying in SQL
Example 9.7.3 Our First SELECT Statement
Exercise 9.7.4 Your First SELECT Statement
Video 9.7.5 More SELECT Statement
Check for Understanding 9.7.6 More SELECT Statement
Example 9.7.7 Selecting Specific Columns
Exercise 9.7.8 Harry Potter Names
9.8 Filtering Queries in SQL
Video 9.8.1 The WHERE Clause
Check for Understanding 9.8.2 Condition Operators
Example 9.8.3 Ravenclaw House
Example 9.8.4 People in Gryffindor
Example 9.8.5 Filter By ID
Exercise 9.8.6 The Weasleys
Exercise 9.8.7 The Potters
9.9 Common Security Problems
Video 9.9.1 Common Security Problems
Check for Understanding 9.9.2 Common Security Problems
Connection 9.9.3 Meet Security Engineers at Google
Free Response 9.9.4 Security Engineering Reflection
Video 9.9.5 Living in a Digital World
Free Response 9.9.6 Living in a Digital World
9.10 SQL Injection Overview
Video 9.10.1 SQL Injection Overview
Check for Understanding 9.10.2 SQL Injection Overview
Connection 9.10.3 Equifax Security Breach
Connection 9.10.4 Equifax Exposed Millions
Free Response 9.10.5 Equifax SQL Injection Attack
Example 9.10.6 SQLi
9.11 Types of SQLi and Prevention
Video 9.11.1 Types of SQLi
Check for Understanding 9.11.2 Types of SQLi
Video 9.11.3 Preventing SQLi
Check for Understanding 9.11.4 Preventing SQLi
Connection 9.11.5 Mitigating SQL Injection
Free Response 9.11.6 Reflection: Mitigating SQL Injection
Connection 9.11.7 SQL Injection
9.12 Software Security Quiz
Unit Quiz 9.12.1 Software Security Quiz
10. Project: Security Assessment Report
10.1 Project: Security Assessment Report
Notes 10.1.1 Project Requirements
Connection 10.1.2 Supercar Showdown Website
Free Response 10.1.3 SQL Injection Testing
Resource 10.1.4 SQLi Testing Handout
Free Response 10.1.5 Security Assessment Report
Free Response 10.1.6 Project Reflection
11. Software Development Lifecycle
11.1 Level 1: Entry Event
Free Response 11.1.1 Company Development
Free Response 11.1.2 Level 1: Attack!
Video 11.1.3 Level 1: Project Overview
Connection 11.1.4 Put It In Writing! Rubric
11.2 Level 2: User Training
Free Response 11.2.1 User Training Policy Development
Free Response 11.2.2 Challenge: Employee Negligence 1
Free Response 11.2.3 Challenge: Employee Negligence 2
Free Response 11.2.4 Level 2 Debrief
11.3 Level 3: Incident Response
Connection 11.3.1 Incident Response Plan Template
Free Response 11.3.2 Incident Response Plan Link
Free Response 11.3.3 Challenge: Cyber Attack!
Free Response 11.3.4 Level 3 Debrief
11.4 Level 4: Data and Licenses
Video 11.4.1 Data and Licenses
Connection 11.4.2 FTC Data Security Guide
Connection 11.4.3 Data Policy Template
Free Response 11.4.4 Data Policy Link
Free Response 11.4.5 Challenge: Data Breach 1
Free Response 11.4.6 Challenge: Data Breach 2
Free Response 11.4.7 Challenge: Data Breach 3
Free Response 11.4.8 Level 4 Debrief
11.5 Level 5: Change Management
Video 11.5.1 Change Management
Connection 11.5.2 Change Management Plan
Free Response 11.5.3 Change Management Plan Link
12. Risk Management
12.1 Identifying Risks
Video 12.1.1 Identifying Risks
Check for Understanding 12.1.2 Identifying Risks Quiz
Connection 12.1.3 What is a Honeypot?
Connection 12.1.4 Honeypot Attacks
Free Response 12.1.5 Honeypot Attacks
Connection 12.1.6 Whois
Free Response 12.1.7 Whois Response
Connection 12.1.8 Packet Sniffing
Free Response 12.1.9 Packet Sniffing Response
Free Response 12.1.10 Breach Trends
12.2 Assessing Risks
Notes 12.2.1 Assessing Risks
Free Response 12.2.2 Malware Risk Assessment
Free Response 12.2.3 Poor Password Assessment
Free Response 12.2.4 Social Engineering Assessment
Video 12.2.5 Assessing Risks
Check for Understanding 12.2.6 Assessing Risks Quiz
Connection 12.2.7 End-of-Life OS
Free Response 12.2.8 End-of-Life Proposal
Example 12.2.9 Input Handling
Free Response 12.2.10 Input Handling Responses
Example 12.2.11 Input Validation
Free Response 12.2.12 Input Validation Responses
12.3 Risk Response
Video 12.3.1 Risk Response
Check for Understanding 12.3.2 Risk Response
Free Response 12.3.3 Defense in Depth Risk Mitigation
Connection 12.3.4 Sample Risk Assessment Report
Free Response 12.3.5 Sample Risk Assessment Reflection
Connection 12.3.6 Delta Outage Video
Free Response 12.3.7 Delta Outage Reflection
Connection 12.3.8 What Happens When Your Servers Go Down
Free Response 12.3.9 What Happens When Your Servers Go Down Reflection
Free Response 12.3.10 Server Upgrade Memo
12.4 Penetration Testing
Video 12.4.1 Penetration Testing
Check for Understanding 12.4.2 Penetration Testing
Connection 12.4.3 Penetration Test Report
Free Response 12.4.4 Penetration Test Report
Notes 12.4.5 Chaos Engineering
Free Response 12.4.6 Chaos Engineering Reflection
Resource 12.4.7 Pen Test Simulation Handout
Exercise 12.4.8 Pen Test Simulation: Active Recon
Exercise 12.4.9 Pen Test Simulation: Exploit Vulnerabilities
12.5 Risk Management Quiz
Unit Quiz 12.5.1 Risk Management Quiz
13. Project: The Game of Risk
13.1 The Game of Risk
Notes 13.1.1 Group Project Intro
Free Response 13.1.2 Brainstorm: SLE
Free Response 13.1.3 Brainstorm: Materials
Free Response 13.1.4 Prototype Game and Instructions
Free Response 13.1.5 Test Your Game!
Resource 13.1.6 Testing Feedback Form
Free Response 13.1.7 Create Your Final Version!
14. Introduction to Cybersecurity Pretest
14.1 Introduction to Cybersecurity Pretest
Notes 14.1.1 About the Pretest
Survey 14.1.2 Mindsets
Quiz 14.1.3 Introduction to Cybersecurity Knowledge & Skills
15. Introduction to Cybersecurity Posttest
15.1 Introduction to Cybersecurity Posttest
Notes 15.1.1 About the Posttest
Survey 15.1.2 Mindsets
Quiz 15.1.3 Introduction to Cybersecurity Knowledge & Skills