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1. Advanced Cryptography
1.1 Welcome to Advanced Cybersecurity!
Notes 1.1.1 Course Introduction
Connection 1.1.2 Cybersecurity 101
Free Response 1.1.3 Cyber Heat Map
Free Response 1.1.4 Career Pathways
Connection 1.1.5 Starting with Cryptography
Free Response 1.1.6 Course Goals
1.2 Encryption Algorithms
Video 1.2.1 Symmetric Encryption
Check for Understanding 1.2.2 Ciphers Quiz
Free Response 1.2.3 Enhanced Caesar Cipher
Free Response 1.2.4 Mixed Alphabet Cipher
Example 1.2.5 Pigpen Encoder
Free Response 1.2.6 Pigpen Cipher
Free Response 1.2.7 Rail Fence Cipher
Video 1.2.8 Encryption Standards
Check for Understanding 1.2.9 Encryption Standards Quiz
1.3 Advanced Cryptography
Video 1.3.1 Advanced Cryptography
Check for Understanding 1.3.2 Advanced Cryptography
Connection 1.3.3 Public Key Cryptography for Non-Geeks
Free Response 1.3.4 Examining Public Key Cryptography
Connection 1.3.5 Public Key Cryptography
Free Response 1.3.6 Public Key Cryptography
1.4 Hash Functions
Video 1.4.1 Hash Functions
Check for Understanding 1.4.2 Hash Functions
Connection 1.4.3 Google Shattered Crypto Algorithm
Free Response 1.4.4 Hash Functions in the News
Connection 1.4.5 Using a Hash Generator
Free Response 1.4.6 Hash Generator
Connection 1.4.7 Password Salting
Free Response 1.4.8 Password Salting
1.5 Hash Function Development
Video 1.5.1 Hash Function Development
Check for Understanding 1.5.2 Hash Function Development
Example 1.5.3 Modulo Math Calculator
Example 1.5.4 Understanding Modulo Math
Example 1.5.5 Modulo Game!
Exercise 1.5.6 Develop a Simple Hash Function
1.6 Asymmetric Encryption
Video 1.6.1 Asymmetric Encryption
Check for Understanding 1.6.2 Asymmetric Encryption Quiz
Example 1.6.3 Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange
Free Response 1.6.4 Affine Cipher
Free Response 1.6.5 Trapdoor Functions
Notes 1.6.6 RSA Encryption
Free Response 1.6.7 RSA Reflection
1.7 Digital Certificates
Video 1.7.1 Digital Certificates
Check for Understanding 1.7.2 Digital Certificates
Connection 1.7.3 SSL Explained
Free Response 1.7.4 SSL Explained Response
Free Response 1.7.5 Digital Certificate Connection
Connection 1.7.6 In The News
Free Response 1.7.7 In The News Response
Free Response 1.7.8 Become a Certificate Authority!
1.8 Advanced Cryptography Quiz
Unit Quiz 1.8.1 Advanced Cryptography Quiz
2. Project: Steganography
2.1 Project: Steganography
Video 2.1.1 What is Steganography?
Connection 2.1.2 Government Surveillance and Reality Winner
Free Response 2.1.3 Government Surveillance and Reality Winner
Connection 2.1.4 Data Hiding and Extraction
Free Response 2.1.5 Reflect: Data Hiding and Extraction
Example 2.1.6 Hide Text
Example 2.1.7 Hidden Message
Free Response 2.1.8 Your turn: Encryption Algorithm
Challenge 2.1.9 Your turn: Image Creation
Free Response 2.1.10 Final Algorithm and Partner Decode
Free Response 2.1.11 Final Reflection
3. Advanced Networking
3.1 Network Administrator
Video 3.1.1 Advanced Devices
Check for Understanding 3.1.2 Advanced Devices Quiz
Connection 3.1.3 Network Administrator Career
Free Response 3.1.4 Network Administrator Career
Free Response 3.1.5 Choosing the Best Devices
Free Response 3.1.6 Network Diagram
3.2 Environmental Controls
Video 3.2.1 Environmental Controls
Check for Understanding 3.2.2 Environmental Controls Quiz
Connection 3.2.3 Infographic
Free Response 3.2.4 Infographic FR
Free Response 3.2.5 Your Security Systems
Free Response 3.2.6 Security Design
3.3 Protocols and Standards
Video 3.3.1 Protocols
Check for Understanding 3.3.2 Protocols Quiz
Video 3.3.3 Standards
Check for Understanding 3.3.4 Standards Quiz
Connection 3.3.5 The New Wireless Standard
Connection 3.3.6 801.11ax
Free Response 3.3.7 801.11ax FR
3.4 Private Networks
Video 3.4.1 IP and MAC Addresses
Check for Understanding 3.4.2 IP and MAC Addresses Quiz
Example 3.4.3 Intranet Permissions
Free Response 3.4.4 Coffee Shop: Design an Intranet
Video 3.4.5 DMZs and VPNs
Check for Understanding 3.4.6 DMZs and VPNs Quiz
Connection 3.4.7 Protecting Privacy with VPNs
Free Response 3.4.8 Protecting Privacy with VPNs
Free Response 3.4.9 Coffee Shop: Network Plan
Free Response 3.4.10 Coffee Shop: Network Diagram
Video 3.4.11 SOHO Network
Example 3.4.12 Network Topologies
3.5 Mobile Devices
Video 3.5.1 Mobile Devices
Check for Understanding 3.5.2 Mobile Devices Quiz
Connection 3.5.3 How Apple FaceID Works
Free Response 3.5.4 How Apple FaceID Works Response
Free Response 3.5.5 Biometric Data Debate
Connection 3.5.6 BYOD and MDM Concept Map
Free Response 3.5.7 BYOD and MDM Conclusions
3.6 Access Control
Video 3.6.1 Access Control
Check for Understanding 3.6.2 Access Control
Example 3.6.3 Multifactor Authentication
Example 3.6.4 Two Factor Authentication
Free Response 3.6.5 Two Factor Authentication Reflection
Connection 3.6.6 RADIUS Overview with AAA Protocol
Connection 3.6.7 RADIUS Server Access Control
Free Response 3.6.8 RADIUS Reflection
3.7 Advanced Networking Quiz
Unit Quiz 3.7.1 Advanced Networking Quiz
4. Project: IT Professional
4.1 Communication is Key!
Notes 4.1.1 IT Professional
Free Response 4.1.2 Cybersecurity Careers
Connection 4.1.3 Customer Service Skills
Free Response 4.1.4 Customer Service Skills
Free Response 4.1.5 Act it Out!
4.2 Building a Knowledge Base
Connection 4.2.1 What is a Knowledge Base?
Free Response 4.2.2 Draft a KB Article
Free Response 4.2.3 Share your KB Article
Free Response 4.2.4 Finalize your KB Article
4.3 Star in a Video!
Connection 4.3.1 Instructional Videos
Connection 4.3.2 Example Tutorial
Free Response 4.3.3 Instructional Video Plan
Free Response 4.3.4 Write the Script
Free Response 4.3.5 Create the Storyboard
Free Response 4.3.6 Record Your Video
5. Cyber Defense
5.1 Network Attacks
Video 5.1.1 Network Attacks Overview
Check for Understanding 5.1.2 Network Attacks Quiz
Notes 5.1.3 Check for Vulnerabilities
Connection 5.1.4 Bug Bounty Hunting
Free Response 5.1.5 Bug Bounty Hunting
Connection 5.1.6 Common Port Targets
Example 5.1.7 Port Scanner Simulation
Free Response 5.1.8 Open Port Reflection
5.2 Malware Types and Prevention
Video 5.2.1 Malware Types and Prevention
Check for Understanding 5.2.2 Malware Types and Prevention
Connection 5.2.3 How Anti-malware Works
Free Response 5.2.4 How Anti-malware Works
Free Response 5.2.5 OS Malware Security
Free Response 5.2.6 Reverse Engineering Malware
5.3 Common Network Attacks
Video 5.3.1 Common Network Attacks
Check for Understanding 5.3.2 Network Attacks
Connection 5.3.3 Social Engineering Hack
Free Response 5.3.4 Social Engineering Reflection
Connection 5.3.5 DDoS Attacks
Example 5.3.6 DDoS Simulation
Free Response 5.3.7 DDoS Reflection
5.4 Additional Attacks
Video 5.4.1 Additional Attacks
Check for Understanding 5.4.2 Additional Attacks Quiz
Connection 5.4.3 Botnet Attacks - Mirai
Connection 5.4.4 Botnet Attacks - 3ve
Connection 5.4.5 Botnet Attacks - 3ve Video
Free Response 5.4.6 Botnet Attacks - Reflection
Connection 5.4.7 Zero-day Exploit: Stuxnet
Notes 5.4.8 Zero-day Exploit: Stuxnet
Free Response 5.4.9 Zero-day Exploit Reflection
Free Response 5.4.10 US-CERT Current Activity
5.5 Cross-site Scripting
Video 5.5.1 Cross-site Scripting
Check for Understanding 5.5.2 Cross-site Scripting
Connection 5.5.3 XSS Bug in Yahoo Mail
Free Response 5.5.4 XSS Bug in Yahoo Mail
Connection 5.5.5 Hacksplaining XSS Demo
Connection 5.5.6 Google's Tutorial for XSS
Free Response 5.5.7 XSS Reflection
5.6 Internal Threats
Video 5.6.1 Internal Threats
Check for Understanding 5.6.2 Internal Threats
Connection 5.6.3 BIOS/UEFI Attack Example
Notes 5.6.4 Accessing BIOS/UEFI
Connection 5.6.5 Causes of Data Breaches
Free Response 5.6.6 Causes of Data Breaches
Connection 5.6.7 Protecting Data at All Times
Free Response 5.6.8 Protecting Data at All Times
5.7 Cyber Defense Quiz
Unit Quiz 5.7.1 Cyber Defense Quiz
6. Project: Put it in Writing!
6.1 Level 1: Entry Event
Free Response 6.1.1 Company Development
Free Response 6.1.2 Level 1: Attack!
Video 6.1.3 Level 1: Project Overview
Connection 6.1.4 Put It In Writing! Rubric
6.2 Level 2: User Training
Free Response 6.2.1 User Training Policy Development
Free Response 6.2.2 Challenge: Employee Negligence 1
Free Response 6.2.3 Challenge: Employee Negligence 2
Free Response 6.2.4 Level 2 Debrief
6.3 Level 3: Incident Response
Connection 6.3.1 Incident Response Plan Template
Free Response 6.3.2 Incident Response Plan Link
Free Response 6.3.3 Challenge: Cyber Attack!
Free Response 6.3.4 Level 3 Debrief
6.4 Level 4: Data and Licenses
Video 6.4.1 Data and Licenses
Connection 6.4.2 FTC Data Security Guide
Connection 6.4.3 Data Policy Template
Free Response 6.4.4 Data Policy Link
Free Response 6.4.5 Challenge: Data Breach 1
Free Response 6.4.6 Challenge: Data Breach 2
Free Response 6.4.7 Challenge: Data Breach 3
Free Response 6.4.8 Level 4 Debrief
6.5 Level 5: Change Management
Video 6.5.1 Change Management
Connection 6.5.2 Change Management Plan
Free Response 6.5.3 Change Management Plan Link
7. Risk Management
7.1 Identifying Risks
Video 7.1.1 Identifying Risks
Check for Understanding 7.1.2 Identifying Risks Quiz
Connection 7.1.3 What is a Honeypot?
Connection 7.1.4 Honeypot Attacks
Free Response 7.1.5 Honeypot Attacks
Free Response 7.1.6 Whois
Connection 7.1.7 Packet Sniffing
Free Response 7.1.8 Packet Sniffing Response
Free Response 7.1.9 Breach Trends
7.2 Assessing Risks
Notes 7.2.1 Assessing Risks
Free Response 7.2.2 Malware Risk Assessment
Free Response 7.2.3 Poor Password Assessment
Free Response 7.2.4 Social Engineering Assessment
Video 7.2.5 Assessing Risks
Check for Understanding 7.2.6 Assessing Risks Quiz
Connection 7.2.7 End-of-Life OS
Free Response 7.2.8 End-of-Life Proposal
Example 7.2.9 Input Handling
Free Response 7.2.10 Input Handling Responses
Example 7.2.11 Input Validation
Free Response 7.2.12 Input Validation Responses
7.3 Risk Response
Video 7.3.1 Risk Response
Check for Understanding 7.3.2 Risk Response
Free Response 7.3.3 Defense in Depth Risk Mitigation
Connection 7.3.4 Sample Risk Assessment Report
Free Response 7.3.5 Sample Risk Assessment Reflection
Connection 7.3.6 Delta Outage Video
Free Response 7.3.7 Delta Outage Reflection
Connection 7.3.8 What Happens When Your Servers Go Down
Free Response 7.3.9 What Happens When Your Servers Go Down Reflection
Free Response 7.3.10 Server Upgrade Memo
7.4 Penetration Testing
Video 7.4.1 Penetration Testing
Check for Understanding 7.4.2 Penetration Testing
Connection 7.4.3 Penetration Test Report
Free Response 7.4.4 Penetration Test Report
Notes 7.4.5 Chaos Engineering
Free Response 7.4.6 Chaos Engineering Reflection
Resource 7.4.7 Pen Test Simulation Handout
Exercise 7.4.8 Pen Test Simulation: Active Recon
Exercise 7.4.9 Pen Test Simulation: Exploit Vulnerabilities
7.5 Risk Management Quiz
Unit Quiz 7.5.1 Risk Management Quiz
8. Project: The Game of Risk
8.1 The Game of Risk
Notes 8.1.1 Group Project Intro
Free Response 8.1.2 Brainstorm: Type of Game
Free Response 8.1.3 Brainstorm: SLE
Free Response 8.1.4 Brainstorm: Materials
Free Response 8.1.5 Prototype Game and Instructions
Free Response 8.1.6 Test Your Game!
Resource 8.1.7 Testing Feedback Form
Free Response 8.1.8 Create Your Final Version!
9. Final Exam
9.1 Final Exam
Final 9.1.1 Final Exam
10. What's Next?
10.1 After Advanced Cybersecurity
Notes 10.1.1 Cybersecurity Pathways
Connection 10.1.2 CodeHS Programming Courses
Notes 10.1.3 College Pathway
Connection 10.1.4 Certification Pathway
Connection 10.1.5 Career Spotlight
Free Response 10.1.6 My Pathway