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KY CS K-5 Framework


Standard Description
E-NI-01 Understand the basic components of how networks operate to protect physical and digital information. Lessons
E-NI-02 Model how information is broken down into smaller pieces (data packets), transmitted over various paths (physical and/or wireless), and reassembled at the destination. Lessons
E-IC-02 Discover how computing devices have affected the way people communicate. Lessons
E-IC-03 Evaluate the relevance and appropriateness of electronic information sources and digital media. Lessons
E-IC-04 Understand the importance of proper use of data and information in a computing society. Lessons
E-IC-01 Discuss how computing has impacted society. Lessons
E-DA-01 Appropriately store and modify digital files. Lessons
E-DA-03 Analyze data for trends and relationships Lessons
E-DA-02 Collect and visually display data using appropriate applications. Lessons
E-CS-03 Describe basic hardware and software problems using accurate terminology. Lessons
E-CS-02 Identify and describe the function of common physical components of computing systems (hardware) using appropriate terminology. Lessons
E-CS-01 Select and operate appropriate software and hardware to perform a variety of tasks and recognize that users have different needs and preferences for the technology they use. Lessons
E-AP-02 Explore and use variables in a program. Lessons
E-AP-06 Modify, remix or reuse part of an existing program to create a new program, giving attribution to others. Lessons
E-AP-07 Document, share and reflect when creating programs using correct terminology. Lessons
E-AP-08 Identify and correct errors in an algorithm. Lessons
E-AP-04 Decompose precise steps needed to solve a problem. Lessons
E-AP-05 Use a process when creating programs or computational artifacts. Lessons
E-AP-03 Routinely create programs using a variety of tools to express ideas, address a problem or create an artifact, individually and collaboratively. Lessons
E-AP-01 Create, follow, compare and refine algorithms for a task. Lessons