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IN CS3S: CS3S-2.1

CodeHS Lessons

Demonstrate the techniques to transform plaintext into ciphertext, the use of hash functions for authentication and data integrity, and the use of private and public key encryption.

21.7 Advanced Cryptography
21.8 Hash Functions
21.9 Hash Function Development
5.2 Encryption Algorithms
5.3 Advanced Cryptography
5.4 Hash Functions
5.5 Hash Function Development
5.6 Asymmetric Encryption
4.2 Encryption Algorithms
4.3 Advanced Cryptography
4.4 Hash Functions
4.5 Hash Function Development
4.6 Asymmetric Encryption
1.2 Encryption Algorithms
1.3 Advanced Cryptography
1.4 Hash Functions
1.5 Hash Function Development
1.6 Asymmetric Encryption
4.6 Hash Functions
4.7 Hash Function Development