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The following String methods and constructors—including what they do and when they are used—are part of the Java Quick Reference— ● String(String str) —Constructs a new String object that represents the same sequence of characters as str ● int length()—returns the number of characters in a String object ● String substring(int from, int to)—returns the substring beginning at index from and ending at index to – 1 ● String substring(int from) —returns substring(from, length()) ● int indexOf(String str) —returns the index of the first occurrence of str; returns -1 if not found ● boolean equals(String other) —returns true if this is equal to other; returns false otherwise ● int compareTo(String other) —returns a value < 0 if this is less than other; returns zero if this is equal to other; returns a value > 0 if this is greater than other