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Utah Game Development Fundamentals 1: UT.GD1.5.4a

CodeHS Lessons

Post-Production (Game Testing and Release)—Students will understand and explain the process of game testing and release the game after it has been developed: Alpha Testing (in-house/controlled, small group testing to find and repair bugs and glitches, make needed adjustments); Beta Testing (outside, large group testing to receive feedback from selected end users, make needed adjustments and repairs that were not discovered in-house); Game Release (game is open for playing); Game Maintenance (provide updates, repair more identified bugs and glitches)

8.1 Prototyping and Testing
8.2 Develop a Prototype and Test
8.3 Develop a Minimum Viable Product
10.1 Finish Your Game
6.3 Making Your Game
10.1 Prototyping and Testing
10.2 Prototype, Test, and Repeat
10.3 Building and Testing the MVP
11.1 Finish Your Game
6.1 Finish Your Game
6.1 Prototyping and Testing
6.2 Prototype, Test, and Repeat
6.3 Finish Your Game