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Utah 6 Framework


Standard Description
6.CS.1 Utilize troubleshooting strategies to resolve hardware and software issues in a logical order. Lessons
6.NI.1 Explain potential security threats and practice protective measures to reduce these threats. Lessons
6.DA.1 Represent a single data set in multiple ways using words, symbols, manipulatives, charts, diagrams, and visuals. Lessons
6.AP.1 Design and illustrate algorithms to efficiently solve complex problems by utilizing pseudocode and/or other descriptive methods. Lessons
6.AP.2 Create naming conventions for variables that support the debugging process and incorporate these variables into a simple program. Lessons
6.AP.3 Annotate programs in order to document their use and improve readability, testing, and debugging. Lessons
6.IC.1 Recognize and discuss issues of bias and accessibility in existing technologies. Lessons