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South Dakota Computer Programming 1 Framework


Standard Description
CP 1.1 Demonstrate knowledge of external and internal computer hardware Lessons
CP 1.2 Demonstrate knowledge of software concepts Lessons
CP 1.3 Demonstrate the ability to compile, debug, and execute programs Lessons
CP 2.1 Demonstrate the ability to use a standard programming style Lessons
CP 2.2 Recognize software development processes Lessons
CP 2.3 Identify the syntactical components of a program Lessons
CP 3.1 Demonstrate the ability to use basic elements of a specific language Lessons
CP 3.2 Employ basic arithmetic expressions in programs Lessons
CP 3.3 Demonstrate the ability to use data types in programs Lessons
CP 3.4 Incorporate functions/methods Lessons
CP 4.1 Demonstrate the ability to use relational and logical operators in programs Lessons
CP 4.2 Investigate conditional statements Lessons
CP 4.3 Implement loops in programs Lessons
CP 5.1 Identify personal interests and abilities related to Computer Programming/Software Engineering careers Lessons
CP 5.2 Investigate career opportunities, trends, and requirements related to computer programming/software engineering careers Lessons
CP 5.3 Demonstrate job skills for programming industries Lessons