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OH CYB: 9.3.1.

CodeHS Lessons

Identify application vulnerabilities (e.g., Cross-site scripting, SQL injection, LDAP injection, XML injection, Directory traversal/command injection, Buffer overflow, Integer overflow, Zero-day, Cookies and attachments, Locally Shared Objects (LSOs), Flash cookies, Malicious add-ons, Session hijacking, Header manipulation, Arbitrary code execution/remote code execution).

22.11 Cross-site Scripting
22.9 SQL Injection Overview
7.5 SQL Injection Overview
14.5 Cross-site Scripting
16.2 Assessing Risks
5.5 Cross-site Scripting
8.2 Assessing Risks
9.10 SQL Injection Overview
12.2 Assessing Risks
5.11 SQL Injection Overview
13.2 Assessing Risks
8.7 SQL Injection Overview
13.2 Assessing Risks
8.10 SQL Injection Overview