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Nebraska K12 Technology CS Framework


Standard Description
NE.K12.1 Create algorithms, or series of ordered steps, to solve problems. Lessons
NE.K12.2 Decompose a problem into smaller more manageable parts. Lessons
NE.K12.3 Collect, analyze, and represent data effectively. Lessons
NE.K12.4 Demonstrate an understanding of how information is represented, stored, and processed by a computer. Lessons
NE.K12.5 Optimize an algorithm for execution by a computer. Lessons
NE.K12.6 Create simulations/models to understand natural phenomena and test hypotheses. Lessons
NE.K12.7 Evaluate algorithms by their efficiency, correctness, and clarity. Lessons
NE.K12.8 Write programs using visual (block-based) programming languages (scratch). Lessons
NE.K12.9 Create and modify animations, and present work to others. Lessons
NE.K12.10 Write programs using text-based programming languages. Lessons
NE.K12.11 Create web pages with a practical, personal, and/or societal purpose. Lessons