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Natrona Computer Programming 1: L1.DA.IM.01

CodeHS Lessons

Create computational models that represent the relationships among different elements of data collected from a phenomenon or process.

10.1 Visualizing Weather Data
10.2 Visualizing Movie Data
3.7 Trends and Correlations
4.2 Correlation
4.3 Programming Linear Regression
4.4 Training and Testing Data
4.5 Multivariable Linear Regression
4.6 Classification and Logistic Regression
4.7 Building Unsupervised Models
1.2 Gravity Simulation
1.3 A Study in Gravity
2.3 Printing Genotypes
2.4 Determining Allele Order
2.5 Percent Genotype Dominance
2.6 Print Total Genotype Dominance
3.4 Changing Speeds on Collision
3.5 Inelastic Collisions
3.6 Elastic Collisions
4.2 Adding Gravity
4.3 Time to Impact
4.4 Elastic Collisions
2.5 Final Roofing Project
6.1 Modeling with Tracy
3.1 Gravity Simulation