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NJ CS 3-5 Framework


Standard Description
8.1.5.CS.1 Model how computing devices connect to other components to form a system. Lessons
8.1.5.CS.2 Model how computer software and hardware work together as a system to accomplish tasks. Lessons
8.1.5.CS.3 Identify potential solutions for simple hardware and software problems using common troubleshooting strategies. Lessons
8.1.5.NI.1 Develop models that successfully transmit and receive information using both wired and wireless methods. Lessons
8.1.5.NI.2 Describe physical and digital security measures for protecting sensitive personal information. Lessons
8.1.5.IC.1 Identify computing technologies that have impacted how individuals live and work and describe the factors that influenced the changes. Lessons
8.1.5.IC.2 Identify possible ways to improve the accessibility and usability of computing technologies to address the diverse needs and wants of users. Lessons
8.1.5.DA.1 Collect, organize, and display data in order to highlight relationships or support a claim. Lessons
8.1.5.DA.2 Compare the amount of storage space required for different types of data. Lessons
8.1.5.DA.3 Organize and present collected data visually to communicate insights gained from different views of the data. Lessons
8.1.5.DA.4 Organize and present climate change data visually to highlight relationships or support a claim Lessons
8.1.5.DA.5 Propose cause and effect relationships, predict outcomes, or communicate ideas using data. Lessons
8.1.5.AP.1 Compare and refine multiple algorithms for the same task and determine which is the most appropriate. Lessons
8.1.5.AP.2 Create programs that use clearly named variables to store and modify data. Lessons
8.1.5.AP.3 Create programs that include sequences, events, loops, and conditionals. Lessons
8.1.5.AP.4 Break down problems into smaller, manageable sub-problems to facilitate program development. Lessons
8.1.5.AP.5 Modify, remix, or incorporate pieces of existing programs into one’s own work to add additional features or create a new program. Lessons
8.1.5.AP.6 Develop programs using an iterative process, implement the program design, and test the program to ensure it works as intended. Lessons