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Montana 9-12: CS.AP.9-12.3

CodeHS Lessons

implement an artificial intelligence algorithm to play a game against a human opponent or solve a problem;

2.1 Artificial Intelligence in Gaming
2.2 Building Tic Tac Toe
2.3 Creating a Non Player Character
2.4 Recursion
2.5 Minimax
2.6 Exploring Depth and Pruning
2.7 Implementing Connect Four
3.1 Using Chatbots
3.2 Building a Rule Based Chatbot
3.3 Building a Pattern Matching Chatbot
3.4 Analyzing User Sentiment
3.5 Creating an AI Chatbot
3.6 Project: Informational Chatbot
4.1 Introduction to Predictive Models
4.2 Correlation
4.3 Programming Linear Regression
4.4 Training and Testing Data
4.5 Multivariable Linear Regression
4.6 Classification and Logistic Regression
4.7 Building Unsupervised Models
4.8 Creating Your Own Predictive Model
2.1 Using Chatbots
2.2 Building a Rule Based Chatbot
2.3 Building a Pattern Matching Chatbot
2.4 Analyzing User Sentiment
2.5 Creating an AI Chatbot
2.6 Project: Informational Chatbot