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Kentucky Computational Thinking Framework


Standard Description
1 Demonstrate an understanding of elementary logic, truth tables, and Boolean algebra. Lessons
2 Demonstrate programming style best practices. Lessons
3 Illustrate the flow of a program. Lessons
4 Illustrate concepts using one or more programming languages Lessons
5 Explain the implications of file processing. Lessons
6 Describe the steps addressed in the design of a program to solve the state problem. Lessons
7 Explain how algorithms are used to produce artificial intelligences(AI) Lessons
8 Describe the principles of object-oriented programming. Lessons
9 Develop algorithms with increasing degree of complexity using structured programming techniques such as: sequence, selection, and repetition. Lessons
10 Use fundamental data types and data structures such as: integers, reals, characters, strings, Booleans, one - and two - dimensional arrays. Lessons
11 Analyze the binary representation of data. Lessons
12 Use modular programming. Lessons