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IN Software Development Capstone: 7253.D6.3

CodeHS Lessons

Use the Document Object Model (DOM) to map and manipulate an HTML document.

1.3 Using the DOM
1.4 Creating Elements Using the DOM
1.5 Styling Elements Using Javascript
1.6 Functions in HTML
1.8 Challenge: Make a Keyboard
1.9 Keyboard Interactions
1.10 JavaScript Animations
6.2 Using the DOM
6.3 Creating Elements Using the DOM
6.4 Styling Elements Using Javascript
6.5 Functions in HTML
6.7 Challenge: Make a Keyboard
6.8 Keyboard Interactions
6.9 JavaScript Animations
5.2 Using the DOM
5.3 Creating Elements Using the DOM
5.4 Styling Elements Using Javascript
5.5 Functions in HTML
5.7 Challenge: Make a Keyboard
5.8 Keyboard Interactions
5.9 JavaScript Animations