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FL 6-8: SC.68.CS-CS.2.1

CodeHS Lessons

Create, modify, and use a database (e.g., define field formats, adding new records, manipulate data) to analyze data and propose solutions for a task/problem, individually and collaboratively.

22.3 Databases
22.4 Clients and Servers
22.5 What is SQL?
22.6 Structuring Data in SQL
22.7 Basic Querying in SQL
22.8 Filtering Queries in SQL
9.4 Databases
9.5 Clients and Servers
9.6 What is SQL?
9.7 Basic Querying in SQL
9.8 Filtering Queries in SQL
5.5 Databases
5.6 Clients and Servers
5.7 What is SQL?
5.8 Basic Querying in SQL
5.9 Filtering Queries in SQL
8.4 Databases
8.5 Clients and Servers
8.6 What is SQL?
8.7 Basic Querying in SQL
8.8 Filtering Queries in SQL
7.1 Clients and Servers
7.2 What is SQL?
7.3 Basic Querying in SQL
7.6 Clients and Servers
2.3 Clients and Servers
8.3 What is SQL?
8.4 Basic Querying in SQL
8.5 Filtering Queries in SQL