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Certiport IT Specialist Java Framework


Standard Description
1.1 Describe the use of main in a Java Application Lessons
1.2 Perform basic input and output usng standard packages Lessons
1.3 Evaluate the scope of a variable Lessons
1.4 Comment and document programs Lessons
2.1 Declare and use primitive data type variables Lessons
2.2 Construct and evaluate code that manipulates strings Lessons
2.3 Construct and evaluate code that creates, iterates, and manipulates arrays and array lists Lessons
2.4 Construct and evaluate code that performs parsing, casting, and conversion Lessons
2.5 Construct and evaluate arithmetic expressions Lessons
3.1 Construct and evaluate code that uses branching statements Lessons
3.2 Construct and evaluate code that uses loops Lessons
4.1 Construct and evaluate class definitions Lessons
4.2 Declare, implement, and accss data members in classes Lessons
4.3 Declare , implent, and access methods Lessons
4.4 Instantiate and use class objects in programs Lessons
5.1 Troubleshoot syntax errors, logic errors, and runtime errors Lessons
5.2 Implement exception handling Lessons